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Cops taser man's croch over his father dropping a cigarette in the street (audio)

Audio from the "John and Ken Show" out of Los Angeles:

Story starts at 16:11:


A cigarette on the ground led to a taser to the genitals.

A Los Angeles County man claims sheriff deputies tasered him in the sensitive area after his family got into an argument with the officers over cigarette thrown onto the ground.

Daniel Johnson, 26, filed a lawsuit against the department last month, according to NBC Southern California.

In the lawsuit, the family claims a deputy sheriff knocked on the door of Johnson's family's home in Altadena a day after Christmas when an officer informed Johnson his 58-year-old father would be issued a $1,000 ticket for littering after he threw a cigarette on the ground.

Johnson, who could not be reached for comment Monday, asked to pick up the cigarette butt for his father, who suffers from nerve damage in his hands and is prone to dropping things, the lawsuit states.

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Heard this live

Just horrible. All he did was walk back to the house and they came behind him.

Listen to Jon and Ken everyday, they at least keep LA county honest. They really drop the ball on certain important issues like gun rights, but overall they are the only guys I trust to listen to in LA.

I agree

They drop the ball on several things, but they are useful for the cause of liberty.




for the bump

One of these days

These pigs are going to get whats coming to them!

Changed the caption

No one seemed to notice this story