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TMOT Second Georgia GOP Senate Debate

On February 1st Derrick Grayson (aka TMOT) participated in the second Georgia GOP Senate Debate at Kennesaw State University.

MARIETTA — Eight Republican candidates hoping to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss debated at Kennesaw State University on Saturday night before a crowd of more than 600.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - U S Senate hopefuls square off at KSU

Debate can be seen on youtube. The next debate will be on Feb. 22 in Gainesville.


for close ups (but slow) see also

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Is there a updated thread for

Is there a updated thread for TMOTS campaign in the Georgia race?
Looks like he could use some funds but with the primary this close...
Will be interesting to see how well the common man fares in yalls election.

Southern Agrarian

TMOT poll numbers

Hope that I can get a few bucks to TMOT and a few other liberty candidates.

You might want to check out this thread about the GA race polling numbers -
looks like it has tightened - with Gingrey, Broun and Kingston all down since
August - but it's not clear whether TMOT is up...


meekandmild's picture

Any video with just TMOT responses?


Here you go meekandmild

Derrick Grayson (AKA TMOT) at the US Senate Debate in Georgia, Feb 2014.


“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

TMOT sounded Awesome

I will be in ATL on business the first full week in March and I will be speaking to everyone I meet regarding Mr. Grayson.

His opening remarks called it out.

Go Mr Grayson. Yes Sir. I will make a donation to your candidacy.


Liberty = Responsibility

Georgia Senate Race fundraising

Man yall are rolling in the dough in Georgia.
TMOT with the 100% small donation ratio! but last in fundraising.
The rest of your candidates have an enormously large ratio of 'large contributions' or self financed from personal wealth.

Southern Agrarian

Dear Mr.Grayson aka TMOT

As a friend to Americans and the US Constitution i would simply LOVE to see you win this 'thing' much as anything else in this world.

TMOT you've sacrificed an awful lot for the cause of liberty this far, stood in the trenches and fought the good fight at least ever as much as everybody in this movement who truly cares about universal and indivisible freedom.

As a Liberty supporter myself, i am not an economically rich man, so to say, but since 2012, i am watching most of your drive, ride and night times, debates, and anything else, trying to spread the word about your effort and getting stuff viral, so to speak. Unfortunately i do not personally know a soul from Georgia, but for whatever it's worth, i am also praying for the succeeding and well-being of yourself and those close to you.

~~~ Please, America, please lovers of liberty, please just do me a small favor, will ya: SHOW THE MAN SOME LOVE for what he's doing and support him in one way or another. The man is fired up, ready to go and give it all, please, send him for the love of god, you will need some committed, spirited people like him to help sort out the mess again.

Thank y'all for reading this- sending a little love from Austria, Europe. Take Care! ~~~

(hope i got my enlish right, please forgive me if not so =)

Way to go TMOT!

Way to go TMOT!

Southern Agrarian

The real "UNBIASED" Straw Poll Links -

After the KSU Debate

Unofficial on-line straw poll: Who do you support for US Senate?

KSU Debate Poll


Congrats TMOT!

May I ask as a local Candidate here in PA how you were also able to secure a spot in the debates?

Does Georgia have a runoff?

Also, how is your campaign funding wise?

One more recommendation is to not link your Facebook posts with your twitter feed. The concise wording used on twitter does not play well on Facebook. Get someone who is good at designing catching pictures with your campaign logo and use those. Annette Bosworth is a good example of someone who is doing well with that.

Good luck!

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Bump for TMOT

He has been a great liberty supporter!

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

TMOT definitley lives up to his name

Truth left and right. Im not sure if he still frequents here, but I'm glad and proud of what he is doing. A great and very inspiration man.

Excellent presentation

Clear message, focused delivery. I would love to celebrate TMOTs election to the Senate.

Haven't had time to watch yet

Thought this might be useful, though - from the comments sections
responding to the Marietta Journal article by commenter "Evaluator":

"I was at this debate. I did not know about the event until I read about it in the AT column Sat which meant I didn't know to call some where & reserve a ticket in advance. However, there were enough seats, so just before the debate started they allowed the standbys in. As an independent voter I felt very out of place amongst the probably 90% GOP audience.

Here is my assessment-

GINGREY-the MDJ, his hometown paper, is giving him too much attention. He tried to act like a "tough guy", but really came off as a buffon. All he said was he was against anything that the present administration was for.

PERDUE-made some good points, but he is another wealthy, former CEO, who wouldn't be able to relate to the general public.

BROUN-another extreme, right wing GOP politician, who has had 4 wives. Still trying to figure out that and the AR15 giveaway.

KINGSTON-the only one on the stage who at least answered the questions with his plans and did not try to go after the punch lines and audience applause.

HANDEL- Every thing she said was so rehearsed, it was painful to listen. If she gave her background & her perceived qualifications twice, she gave them a dozen times with every answer.

YU-admirable & entertaining

GRAYSON-he really told it like it is. Only reason I can figure he is running as a Repub is he says he believes in less gov't. However, he needs to realize as a working man, the GOP only believes in less gov't for the wealthy. he shoudl run as a Libertarian. He was right about Snowden.

GARDNER- this man was right on with the Iran/Iraq situation, but most people are too simple to realize this. Saddam Hussein was not a Muslim and he had kept the 3 factions in control in Iraq. Now with the U.S. intervention they are ALL fighting again. Good job U.S.! Same thing with the Reagan breakup of the U.S.S.R. Now all the little countries have nuclear plants and they are all fighting there and look at the 2 who did the Boston bombing. Again, good job U.S. Sometimes, the U.S. needs to stay out of another country's quarrels, just like the U.S. wants the U.N. to stay out of ours."

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - U S Senate hopefuls square off at KSU

Good analysis. TMOT has

Good analysis. TMOT has explained why he's running as a Republican a few times in his videos. Running 3rd party is also harder because of the laws written against them.

From the poll I saw, Grayson is at 1%. Broun is backed by Ron Paul. He's 3rd in polling right now.

Also, supposedly there was a straw poll done after the debate? Can you confirm this? I heard Grayson won that straw poll. If so, while his current polling may be low, just look at when Ventura ran for Governor. People heard him in the debates and he won with little money. It could happen.