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Tennessee politicians threatening VW against allowing unions.

Libertarian philosophy is always about free choice, free market and free association. So why is the Tennessee state government so dead set against allowing VW workers to have a vote to see if they want to join the union?


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I hate unions myself. Tiny

I hate unions myself. Tiny communist governments which extort the company foolish enough to allow them out of business and then pump massive amounts of cash into the political system to support communist candidates. My state is a fine example of ruiness union influence.

Personally I think it should be up to the company if they want to allow a union or not. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem against workers banding together and making demands of their employeer, however I see no reason to grant these groups any sort of legal protections outside of their individual rights.

Of course the downside is, because of the legal protection unions outside of Tennessee have, they may be able to strong arm the VW plant in Tennessee to accept their stranglehold, lest they cost the company millions through striking elsewhere. Therefore it seems wise for the gov to ban them from the state and nip that issue in the bud.

A union isn't an individual with rights, and in no way would banning one deprive anyone of their right to assemble and make demands of their employer. Unions give individuals special rights and privlages enforced by government, which is both collectivist and unfair to employers and other employees who don't have that special "pull" from the gang. Keep that in mind.

Up until the point that they define

union to mean a group of two or more employees assembling to make demands of their employer. You have to think sideways or they'll get around you.

State governments are not well known for implementing

libertarian philosophy.


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