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Hey 9/11 Suckers! Jet Fuel is Only Kerosene!

Yes, the opposite of a Truther must be a sucker, a sucker for the official fairy tale that zillions of gallons of JET FUEL (use caps as bludgeon for childlike American minds) spilled into the towers, unleashing God-knows-what thermal forces which resulted in the Twin Towers blowing themselves to pieces before our eyes.

Then trillions of tons of concrete came crashing down floor after floor, delivering punishment the towers were never built to withstand! Except they were, since all structures are vastly "over-engineered" to support multiple times the maximum forces which they might be subjected to. In the case of the Twin Towers, they were built to support, at an absolute minimum, five times the weight of a standing room only crowd on every inch of every floor, plus thousands of tons of mechanical equipment like boilers, generators, electrical substations, and server racks.

But when they disappeared the towers were nearly empty. Built for about 30,000 workers at full occupancy, about 2500 people were in the Twin Towers, combined, at the onsets of total failure.

There is only one problem with the official account of how jet fuel provided the critical ingredient which made the unexpected happen so fast. For all the brohaha over the zillions of gallons of jet fuel, in the first place, jet fuel is only kerosene. The specific kind of fuel which powers commercial airliners is called jet-A.

Wikipedia: Jet-A

"Jet-A powers modern commercial airliners and is a mix of pure kerosene and anti-freeze and burns [ignites] at temperatures at or above 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit)."

MSDS Sheet - JetA

Once ignited, the open air burning temperature of jet-A is 500F-599F. The open air burn temp of pure kerosene is 575F. Jet-A and kerosene have the same "heat of combustion," which simply means the amount of energy a given amount of fuel can generate when completely burned.

That means jet fuel burns at about the temperature of the stuff you light your barbecue with.

It can burn much hotter in a jet engine, because it is made into aerosol and sprayed into a chamber and mixed with forced air. But those are special conditions, requiring a very expensive piece of machinery.

These facts are consistent with what witnesses saw, not a "raging inferno," but fires eventually going out. Seven minutes before the destruction of the South Tower, battalion chief Oreo Palmer is heard to say from the 78th floor:

"Ladder 15, we've got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two lines."

An account by Brian Clark, an 84th floor survivor:

"You could see through the wall and the cracks and see flames just, just licking up, not a roaring inferno, just quiet flames licking up and smoke sort of eking through the wall."

Once the magic fire water that jet fuel represents is removed, all one is left with is a skyscraper with minimal damage to its steel skeleton from the plane impacts. It is elementary that the steel frames were much stouter than the hollow aluminum fuselages of the airliners, which were shredded on impact.

Steel is three times denser than aluminum, and the effect of the soft metal slamming into a dense network of 4-foot-wide core beams would be as an empty beer can fired into an array of steel rods like rebar, anchored into concrete and bedrock. Pieces of fuselage cut open like sardine cans are picture below.

Interior inteerlocked, cross-braced core column assembly visible during construction of towers

Illustration of core column lay-out

The fact of the matter is that the towers were already designed with the impacts of modern commercial airliners in mind, a requirement ever since a B-25 lost in fog crashed into the Empire State Building in 1925. And in defiance of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's statement that no one "could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center," NORAD had already conducted an exercise in which a hijacked airliner was crashed into the UN skyscraper in New York, in October of 2000.

So how did the towers suddenly "collapse" like houses of cards? This is not even touching on Building 7, which was not even hit by a plane, nor exposed to the super-duper...kerosene.

The magic show was spectacular, and deadly. But jet fuel is still only kerosene. If the true picture of 9/11 is not becoming clear by now, one truly is a 9/11 Sucker.

South Tower at impact, plane only grazed corner of tower and blew most of fuel out in the fireball. Yet South Tower was first to "fall."

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Said it for years

I have said for years the fuel from the planes did not bring the towers down. No one wants to listen to it. Jet Fuel alone could not do this.

Planes have run into other buildings and they have not imploded, why this time.

The people believe the media and everything they are shown, never questioning the truth.

We were lied to. The towers were brought down by uncontroled demolition. Tower 7 is the proof. BBC reported it fell, about 20 minutes before it did. How did they know. Hmmm.

Well, lets "We Won't get Fooled again."


Sorry. I just want my comments near the top.

1. I hate the title of the OP.

2. I hate truther posts. Almost always riddled with errors of fact and logic. This one is no exception.

3. I hate the "if you believe the official story you are against liberty, are stupid, a troll, Mossad agent, etc. blather.

4. I love DP but these posts SUCK.


great post!

great post!

Of what material are jet engines made?

Of what material are jet engines made?

many different materials

stainless, aluminum, inconel, ceramics, plastics, etc. It depends on what the part is for and the environment it needs to withstand.

How about the part that gets the hottest?

How about the part that gets the hottest?

The photo of the fuselage

is the best proof I have seen of each floor having been blown out of the way to cause the building to fall straight down. We are to believe that the entire building was left in dust, but that large pieces of the plane survived? If the buildings pancaked, how is this possible?


buildings DESIGNED to be hit by jet liners...when hit by a jet liner the building wins. The jet aluminum jet liner does not, can not penetrate the reinforced building DESIGNED to deform and deflect the jet liner. Sorry...the laws of physics win.

Now, a missile (bunker buster perhaps )is another story.

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Here's an interesting demonstration. Grab an acetylene torch.

Any one will do. Turn it on to some steel. Explain that the orange spot can attain a temp of 6000% Farenheit. See as it doesn't melt. Now explain that this is over 10 times the temperature of burning kerojet fuel.

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Lets say the fuel by some special set of circumstances

wind, air suction, whatever did reach a temp hot enough to burn the steel. Now lets even reach further and even say all the columns were melted or severed simultaneously , which would be the only way to reach free fall speeds of acceleration, ie with absence of structural resistance. Even if these two unlikely scenarios were true, how does 1/10th of a mass of anything crush the 9/10ths below it, especially considering the lower portions of a building have the greatest weight in proportion to the upper stories?

Illogical explanation

OK so 1/10 of the mass of the building, as you said, falls straight downwards. That mass is not acting on ALL of the mass below it, just the structure of the ONE floor below. Drop a ten-story building on a 1-story building. Crushed every time. Drop a 10 lb sledge on top of my 200 lb body my skull crushes. everytime. My feet don't get hurt do they? Get the idea?


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Your logical is yet to be addressed by NIST.

They are in denial. Logic, no matter how clear, will never change government apologists.

How did you make that look so easy?

All I can say is, what An agitaor said.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I went to ground zero with a Geiger counter and there was

I went to ground zero in 2012 with a Geiger counter and there was no radiation there. In fact there was LESS than a banana's worth of radiation there at that time.

We've got a chunk of the towers in Green Bay...


come visit and see it yourself. It's a biggun.

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FYI Your photos are not showing

Neither here or at the post.

Undo what Wilson did

Don't reply please

trying to undo pic... it's a really long flickr link...

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Thanks Chris,


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I've read and seen it all I think

There's no way the official story is true, that's a given. And there are many theories that are plausible from the surface. But when I look deep enough and apply critical thinking, it boils down to about 3 scenarios. 1. Standard building demolition. 2. Mini nukes. 3. Directed energy, ( don't know that it exists, but hey, I didn't know NSA was giving me a virtual colonoscopy until about 6 months ago either.)

That being said, the last video in this post seem to give a pretty clear indication as to one of the potential methods used.

That is a Given...

Although, I know that anyone that tries to study the subject 9/11 in real depth would come to the same conclusion, in general, that the official story cannot be true. I also agree with your scenarios. I am glad you mentioned directed energy, I have been gun shy about even using that terminology here , or especially the name Judy Wood. The 9/11 truth movement is pulled in those different directions intentionally , I think. It had to be figured out in advance by those involved, not to get anywhere. The powers got what they wanted. The police state is pretty much complete too. They just keep the other False Flag incidents flowing now and then to keep us afraid of, not only the "terrorists"; but "psychos" around us too.


Three perfect implosions that

Three perfect implosions that day. One without a plane hanging from it. The buildings fell at an "accelerated" rate. Not to mention the whole pentagon farce. A dirty money trail ties all of these things together very nicely in my mind. If terror was anything other than a made up media fantasy there would be car bombings and the like right here all the time.

Here's an idea...

Why don't you truthers go start your own site and quit bringing the liberty movement down.

Much of what we fight against

has it's roots from 9-11

And while your at it...

why doesn't everyone quit hating on the federal reserve already. They're just good people doing their jobs. All this talk about freedoms, yet nobody supports their freedom to make your money worthless. Come on guys, we are better than this...

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll


So you want a 'liberty movement' that doesn't dare question the government and its obvious lies? What exactly are you looking for in this 'liberty movement'? Perhaps better signs telling you what boundaries you can cross without your shock collar going off? Sounds fun.

Here's and idea: why don't you suckers make your bleating noise

at a site that pretends to be about liberty, as long as it is within government-approved parameters of debate. What do you think is the cause of our appalling recent losses of liberty in the first place? 9/11.

You would have been a colonial who said "Go ahead and talk about liberty but don't be putting down the king!" Pathetic fool.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

If you don't get the truth out about this,

There's no such thing as Liberty! We have enough movements built on lies. Liberty is freedom and until we wake up and realize that the dose of freedom we've been fed (pun intended) over the last 100 years is a lie, we will never be free! The truth is what sets us free. The best way to promote liberty is to promote the truth. I for one will NEVER stop speaking the truth about 911, JFK, Sandy Hook, Gulf of Tonkin, etc., until enough have sufficiently awakened to reclaim the liberty that I was raised to believe we already had.
I contend that everyone we wake up to these truths has already taken their first step towards the liberty movement.

Question about concrete + steel

Is it possible that the fires heated up the steel beams in the concrete, thus expanding just a little bit and breaking the concrete beams around the floors at impact height? I mean the concrete supports most of the weight, if pieces chip off after heating the steel a few hundred degrees it looses its strength to support the weight on top of it.

This is a question that has been in my mind for a while, just found an opportunity to ask... Plz scientific answers only.

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Only the lower floors were encased in concrete up to

about the 6th floor above street level.
The concrete floors in the fires however, would have cracked and broke due to heat expansion.

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