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Cop shoots service dog during kid's birthday party - Filer Idaho

FILER, ID -- An officer took a neighborhood dispute over unleashed dogs into his own hands. After arriving at the dog-owner's house, the cop immediately started kicking the dog and in a matter of 38 seconds had shot it to death. The community is outraged after viewing the video, showing a questionable use of force that the police chief praised.

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If the owner had his

dog on a lease or a fenced backyard it would still be alive.

A lot of people get tired of neighbor dogs pooping and peeing in their yard.

I keep my dogs on my property, sorry it had to end this way but I think the owner let his dog down by not properly keeping it on his own property.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

the dog was on private property when the pig killed him

dogs get out, the penalty should not be death.
the pig should have followed procedure and called animal control or got on his loud speaker and told the owner to come out.
unfortunately the pig was impatient and his donuts were getting cold so the dog had to die.
sounds like he wanted revenge for being bit once before too.

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When I was growing-up, every kid in the neighborhood had a dog..

and they ALL ran loose. Yes, every once in a blue moon someone got bit riding their bike. I was bit twice, my whole childhood. We just poured alcohol on it. Yeah, all the dogs had their shots. Any squabble concerning your dog was worked-out amongst the neighbors. The thought of calling the sheriff or animal control (AC didn't exist or was called if a cow got loose) due to a dog was foreign.

No one's house was broke into and the child molesters stayed away because of the dogs.

Today, some people act like they just experienced 911 all over again if a neighbor's dog pees on their petunias. We live in the wussification of America age, the hate your neighbor and call the police over any complaint no matter how minor.

Many people claim they love dogs, but when it comes down to it, they just love their dog, not the neighbor's dog, not the stray dumped dog, just their dog and the world revolves around them and their wussy lawn and petunias.

With people like that in this country in large numbers , we definitely suck as a nation.




my brother was bitten by a stray dog when he was 6yrs old and had to go through all those shots, not good. In a free society I guess the neighbor could have shot the dog if it came on his property.

Got dogs, cats or children take responsibly for them.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

not sure what this

has to do with an armed/armored thug shooting a dog because in reality he is a low self-esteem, stupid person with a gun and authority.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

yes but

that would be a violation of the YAD principle.

"I guess the neighbor could have shot the dog if it came on his property."

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he'd have the option but probably wouldn't kill needlessly.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

this is why

it cracks me up when folks come on here trying to give cops a pass.

You don't think they'll happily shoot us when the SHTF??

Wake up!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

If this kind of police-state narcissism keeps up...

when SHTF, the cops are going to be the first that are taken out.

They'll burn their uniforms, throw-away their badges and not dare tell anyone they were a cop.

I've really come to the point that I don't see the police as protectors, rather, taxpayer-funded thugs.

It disturbs me greatly because I don't want to think that but after seeing video after video, hundreds of them, any sane person would feel the same.

Tail wagging in a dog can be a sign of agression


So please stop trying to use it in defense of the owner's negligence.

Did you bother to read

at the link that you posted?

If so, view the video once more.

And I quote

If a dog is holding his body erect and rigid while wagging his tail, however, he may be telling you that he's feeling territorial or uncomfortable with something that is going on around him. In this case, the dog's tail will be held high and moving back and forth rapidly. This discomfort can be a precursor to aggression. This is one reason people sometimes report that a dog was wagging his tail right before he bit someone. So if you encounter a dog you don't know who is wagging his tail, check out what the rest of his body language is telling you before you approach.

From the video you cannot see the state of the dog's body; the video is too grainy. The tail is wagging but that could be a warning wag for all we can tell. This means that, given the fact that a tail wag can mean friendly or dangerous, the tail wag must be discarded as evidence that the dog was/was not agressive.

Besides that fact you also cannot see the dog prior to the cop reappearing with the gun pointed. What happened off camera? Did the dog try to slobber on the cop? Did the dog go riggid, ears back, tail wagging? Could you see? No, you couldn't. So, naturally, you assume the cop is in the wrong.

The key point, however, is that an undeserving owner neglected his dogs and one of the dogs paid the price for that negligence. Perhaps the cop could have handled it better but then again perhaps something more ominous could have happened. If you speculate that nothing bad would have happend while he waited I can just as easily speculate something bad happening. And that is what it all boils down to; speculation. The cop was called in to get the owner to do right by his dogs and the dogs got agressive. The cop, prone to being human, fired at one of the dogs. This is tragedy but this also would have never come up had the owner simply taken care of his dogs to begin with. No matter how much you wish it otherwise this was not an example of a trigger happy cop simply driving by looking for something to kill.

"... the video was too grainy..."

I had no trouble seeing the attitude of the dogs.

I've raised and trained hunting and guard dogs most of my life.

You are defending the indefensible.

Really now

Because from what I saw you couldn't tell if the dog had it hackles up. You could barely dicern it's ears. You couldn't even see these signs when the dog was clearly agitated right before it was shot. The video is not clear enough to show if the dog was in a friendly demeanor or not.

You are, of course, welcome to share with the whole class what in the dogs demeanor makes you so certain it wasn't being agressive. Fairly easy to use such a general, baseless statement really. You know, at N seconds in the video the dog was which leads me to believe that the dog was friendly. Something like that.

Also, as for your experience, on the internet everybody is an expert at everything with all the experience in the world. You can't prove you have the experience and I can't prove you don't. A bit of factual information to support your claims which would bolster your opinion would do far more than claiming years of experience.

just a thought

I don't write this comment to tell you you're wrong or actually to convince you of any particular thing. You have interjected speculation, and that's quite natural as I too find the particulars import or at least curious in this scenario. This exposure falls short in such particulars. The officer claims to be in the neighborhood on a call. I don't necessarily believe that, but here it remains irrelevant as we have enough information to know it wasn't an emergency call as he certainly has plenty of time to deal with the dog owner about the impromptu dead dog situation. I'm going to here, step up from speculation into hypothetical consideration to make a subtle point that in my mind makes a difference in a police officer's decision on whether to pause, retreat, or keep moving forward with his own aggression toward his original goal. The ultimate reason he gives the dog owner for rationalizing his action of shooting the dog was that the dog was an obstacle preventing the officer's access to the door of the house. I don't remember his exact words, but he ended with something to that effect. My sister lives in Idaho close to this incident. Her neighborhood looks exactly like that one. She has a dog quite similar to that one. In fact she used to have two, and her other dog looked just like the other dog in the video. She has a fenced yard in which the dogs run loose in her yard and are bound to her own particular property. Any police officer trying to get to her door, ultimately to the same degree, confronts the same decision regarding the dogs as the gate in my sister's fence is about forty feet from her door. What's the protocol for a police officer to ring my sister's doorbell?

'share with the class' ?

Are you the teacher?

You reference a point in the video that is after the cop walks onto private property (which was not necessary). I point to when the officer rolled up to the curb. The dogs were friendly until the cop attempted to kick one.

You see what you wanted to see.

Save the smartass remarks for your spouse.

Some of these comments are laughable

If you think those dogs were dangerous, you don't know dogs.

They walked up to the car happy and ready to greet the latest guest.

If you believe that the actions of this cop were warranted, enjoy your place in hell.

Pig shot a dog

No reason for the pig to shoot the dog, he was acting aggressively, not the dogs, then he treats the owner like a criminal. Hope he gets what's coming to him.

I Guess the Cop Forgot....

1- He has a Siren/PA System on his vehicle;
He didn't bother to use them, instead he___
2- Stepped onto private property;
After kicking one of the dogs. At no time did he attempt friendly persuasion with the animal (which usually works)
3- After determining that the "loose dog complaint" was valid, he would not have been incorrect to have a dispatcher contact an "animal control officer", and await their arrival.Cops are NOT "dog-catchers".
4- Police dispatch could have been contacted; in emergencies they have in their database a phone # for the premises about to be entered.
This would have prevented a needless assassination of a family's pet.
5- This cop is undeniably frightened of dogs...having been once-bitten (as claimed) you'd think he'd have figured out what to do.
I've owned dogs, grew up in a neighborhood where large dogs roamed and didn't attack....I've also been chased by a dog as a child, and it was not a "big" dog, but nevertheless it was frightening.
Although I find the title of this somewhat misleading (must I explain?) I feel that the animal should NOT have been killed.
It was an unnecessary act, and a destruction of someone's property.
And one thing that is troubling to me:
Why didn't the neighbor who complained approach the owner instead of calling the cops? And if that had been the case, then the owner is also to blame.There's not enough info here for us to jump to conclusions, which seems to be happening.

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Not What I Thought It Would Be

Dogs need to be leashed in neighborhoods like this. The owner is negligent in this case. Children are particularly vulnerable when large dogs are able to run around loose without their owners around. Shooting the dog could have been avoided, but the owner should already know his pets are never safe from the police. Why give them an excuse to use your dog for target practice? Idiots, BOTH of them.

I agree with you

don't know why you are getting down voted. Seems it is asking to much for people to be responsible pet owners.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

It's asking way more to ask your neighbors not to be...

a bunch of wussies.

Yeah, "Watch it Fido, there are cops on the loose in the

neighborhood." -- Gimme break man!

title is misleading.

I dont believe either of these dogs roaming at large are "service dogs"..

I watched this video expecting to see a blind kid's service dog shot for no reason in view of a kid's birthday party.

seems like a bunch of shit stirring to me.

neg rep

I dont blame the cop on this

I blame the owner.

Dogs came up to the car and cop had a hard time getting out. Cop has gotten bitten before when dealing with dogs so he's obviously tried it the nice way first in the past.

I hate to see any dogs get shot.. but the owner here is irresponsible.


hopefully someday the exact same verbiage in your post can be used to describe my position when a cops shoots someone in your family.

If the cop cant handle this??? wow!!!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I side with the dogs.

The dogs did not growl at the cop. They came over to the driver's side wagging their tails as most dogs do in greeting and you could not hear a sound; there was no barking whatsoever. The first noise made was from the fat cop who stepped out of his car with a serious attitude problem. He immediately yelled at them then kicked the dogs. The cop was a typical disgruntled cop who feels put upon just doing his job.

You can say what you want about the owner, but maybe that's why he bought a house on a cul-de-sac. People on cul de sacs tend to even let their little children play in the streets; there's an illusion of safety. When a dog is off the leash many people make a judgment that the owner is lazy and does not walk his dog, but many owners believe dogs should have as much freedom as possible and train their dogs to be friendly as these dogs seemed to be.

Maybe the dogs broke the law, but the cop was wrong. He shot a dog after he antagonized it by kicking it and his obvious hostile attitude then told the owner the dog was growling.
Ever notice how kids in a quiet and friendly neighborhood come over to a car pulling up to a house. It's quite a normal greeting, but if the cop didn't like kids, he may have kicked at them when they touched his car, then when they cried in pain and anger he could have rightly shot them - well, if they looked like dogs. Yeah, that will teach them to raise their voices to authority.

Would have been a better ending if the owner would have said to the cop, "Why didn't you use one of these on my dog?" as he shoots the cop with a stun-gun; fade out as the cop lies twitching on pavement.

You've got to question anyone who shoots anything or anyone. There is absolutely no justification for his shooting this dog. How can there even be an argument here, this was a life taken because a kicked dog did not lick a cop's boots.