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This Could Destroy the Lives of Millions - FATCA Law

Interesting story...

Dual American-Canadian citizens are finding themselves in a serious bind due to FATCA, which has been dubbed “the worst law that Americans have never heard of.”


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So the IRS can go after

anchor babies. I know of several mothers from Mexico that came here staying with friends so they would have their babies in the US and duel citizenship. And what about the rich from China? http://world.time.com/2013/11/27/chinese-women-are-flocking-...
What a wind fall this would be for taxes owed the us OR they can denounce their citizenship.

Cases discussed in article; leave these people alone.

They did not do it on purpose.

Global Income Tax?

Global Income Tax?

Southern Agrarian

Americans are already subject

Americans are already subject to global income tax, they are the ONLY people in the world effectively subject to a system of citizenship based taxation...and you thought you were free.