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Rutgers makes professor teach class he is clueless about, suspends him for telling students

Administrators on the main campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. have suspended a renowned anthropology professor because he told students that he knows nothing about the subject matter in a course school officials assigned him to teach.

The professor, Robert Trivers, had objected to teaching a course called “Human Aggression” this fall, reports The Star-Ledger. However, his anthropology department superiors told him he had to teach the class anyway.

In the first lecture, Trivers informed the 30 or so Rutgers undergrads who had signed up for the class that his plan was to learn the course materials gamely along with them. He observed that he thought it was strange that he was teaching the course in the first place since he is no expert on the material. He said he also planned to bring in a guest lecturer.


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Wow...!!!This guy debated


This guy debated kent hovind aka. Dr. Dino. Now i never met the man but i watched his 2 debates with him and hovind creamed him. Kent hovind is a expert at creation biology and went to prison for not paying his income taxes because he thought it was unconstitutional. Anyway... watch the debate. Its hilarious!!


I Find This Funny --

Evolutionary SocioBiology expert knows nothing about human aggression. WHAT does that tell you about the field of evolutionary sociobiology?

A lot! Here is the backstory. Trivers (communist/socialist) and many others in his field, and done their level best to NOT SEE violence.

And when someone does, such as Professor Raymond Dart, all fingers cover the eyes. And when someone writes about it and incorporates it into what this all means, politically for mankind, (such as Robert Ardrey's timeless book, AFRICAN GENESIS) then all hell breaks loose.

Socialist boobs like Trivers and other liberals in the field like him, can't bear the thought that its MAN, the Hunter and not so much the gatherer. They can't stomach the evidence that australopithecines where using bone tools as weapons. They cannot deal with the fact that yes, murderous AGGRESSION has been and still is a central fact of the human make up. They dismiss it by refusing to look at it.

And this is why we come to the biggest irony of all, an Evolutionary Expert in socio-biology, knows nothing about aggression and says, "Hey lets learn about it together". Its too bad the university suspended him, he may have learned something important, like aggression has been selected for just as much as altruism, like weapon making has been selected for, and why its really 'self interested TRADE' and not 'reciprocal altruism'.

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Attn: Administrators, Professor, and all students.

Please report to the Daily Paul for a real education.



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This man deserves his degree.

Most faculty I know assume they are experts on everything under the sun. This professor understands that the fallacy of false authority is one of the cornerstones in philosophy.

Great story. This is about a good man who is being punished for speaking the truth. We all have limitations and this individual is admitting that omniscience is not a byproduct of a Ph.d.

I wanna teach the Human

I wanna teach the Human Stupidity course.

meekandmild's picture

how many semesters is that course


Goin on 15 years

Goin on 15 years

So worth the cost...(not):

Rutgers University domestic tuition

US$ 25,077 (2014)

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Depends on the nature of the contract between the professor

and the school to decide who is correct here.

The linked article gives me reason to believe they were looking for a reason to get rid of him.