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What is value?

“It’s a marker”, he said.

I had a very interesting conversation with someone this morning regarding paper currency, the gold-standard, silver and crypto-currencies. I will admit that my own purchasing of silver is not for any other dominant purpose than the possibility of using it for future barter, trade and purchase of essential, staple items for my family in a time of dramatic change. I purchase in order to hold some other historical and tangible channel of negotiation, not for the short term trade-in of fiat currency.

I found the most interesting part of our conversation, which even touched on the Knights Templar, to be his opinion that ANY form of recognized/legislated money, whether gold or fiat currency, has no other worth/value than that which we ascribe to it through our labors and agreement to hold and exchange it as something of value. Ok, fair enough. However, I found this argument to be telling of a more underlying purpose. What is value? How do we ascribe value to paper, metals and stones? The whole discussion reminded me of a quote made by the late Mahatma Ghandi, which reads, “there are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”. This passage really drives home the reality of value. A person experiencing malnutrition and on the brink of starvation may attribute any and all definition of value to the crumbs they receive by begging or charity.

We are each and every one of us so fortunate that we have not yet traded our shoes for bread, our bread for water and our possessions in order to simply see another suffering day. So really, what is value then? If we realize the infeasibility and potential usury fiat currency has historically granted and succumb to, why do we continue to serve it and allow it to render us servile? If it’s a “marker”, then so is silver, gold and jewel. After all, if I purchase silver, gold or jewel with fiat currency, what have I gained in terms of having rid of a or acquired another “marker”? I understand the point that was being made and I have to say that I agree to a certain extent. I’m not necessarily of the mindset that would advocate for the gold standard, yet I’m not opposed to it if the path being paved for this nation brings about its fruition.

The other night I watched “The Road”, starring Viggo Mortensen. For those of us here who are parents, you surely understood the message behind the title and most definitely grasped the internal struggle this man endured to protect his son. When I think about what value truly encompasses it becomes glaringly clear that it is always relative to our current state in life. What is valuable to one person may be preposterous to another. And that is where we find such great opposition to the Federal Reserve and the practices they’ve been implementing financially. If an entity exists that is capable of causing great disparity of value, whether by means of an apathetic public, some granted authority or the ineptitude of responsible overseers, is it any surprise that we find a growing opposition to that entity’s devaluation of what we have by consensus of use, come to accept, however grudgingly, as valuable?

We are the reason that the usury commenced. We are the reason that the usury continues. The Federal Reserve will cease to function as it does when there becomes enough alternative means of value to evade and dissolve it from gradual abandonment. And I am to blame just as much as anyone else. I feel trapped and helpless at times to detach from the valueless, yet the valueless is still dangling by a stubborn clothespin, beckoning its rightful place by virtue of any great affront made to it. If there is value in gold, silver, metal, crypto-currency and barter, it is value that not all may or can appreciate or even understand. For those who do understand the value as it is relative to their circumstance, they will continue to purchase, trade and advocate for it as standard, as an investment or as an alternative to other perceived items of value, whether encouraged by historical revelation or by majority of consensus.

Yes, [it] may be a marker; however it isn’t the marker per se that we are opposing. Anything we give collective and consented value to can be perceived as a marker depending on the circumstances by which one may use or one may perceive such thing themselves. The real argument isn’t the fact that something may be a marker, but that the marker is monopolized and used as a strategic means to bring about mass inequality and servitude through an unaccountable creation of it. Silver is a marker. Gold is a marker. Diamonds are markers. Jewels are markers. And paper is a marker. We must decide which markers are conscionable and which ones have proven themselves unconscionable throughout history.

Peace and Love always.

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How many kilowatt/hour UNITS (markers) are needed to keep a house made, a house warm, food made, food cooked, an air-conditioner made, an air-conditioner shipped, a factor made, a factory with air-conditioners slowing down the flow of sweat?

When the mark is what one person or one group says it is, how much it is, how many there are, who has them, who does not have them, what is built with them, then that is a standard of excellence in the eyes of those who benefit from that standard of excellence of that mark.

A kilowatt/hour is a standard that is not subject to the whims of human beings.



for those who missed it.

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The answer is the same, basically, as the answer to the question

what is quality?

More on this later - gotta run. hint: it exist only in the conscious mind.

Thanks for the interesting read.

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thanks for the reply...

glad to share.

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