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A Satanic Agenda in Politics? (Official Teaser - NEW!)


New World Order Bible Versions is the new documentary produced by Paul Wittenberger and Steven Anderson, which exposes the Satanic agenda behind the modern Bible versions. Topics covered in the film include:

- How the new versions tie in with the New World Order
- Changes in modern versions that affect key Christian doctrines
- The History of the Greek Textus Receptus
- The History of the 6 English versions before the KJV
- The Corrupt Egyptian Manuscripts underlying the modern versions
- Roman Catholic influence on modern Bible (per)Versions
- The Magnificence and perfection of the English King James Version
- More...


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Why do you want to come to

Why do you want to come to the DP and insult people?

If the Bible say it will be then it will be...

Just know it's coming and you can't stop it.

The goal of life is to get through it with your soul intact. Life is a test.

Nothing to fear but I'll probably go out in a blaze fighting the NWO.

I won't submit to Satan but will await his demons on the other side.

Carry on.

thats a good attitude! the

thats a good attitude! the bible is true because it is and because it says it is! awesome reasoning skills here on this post

Here's some background info that I suspect

is contained in this film:

The New Age Bible Translations by Gail Ripslinger:
a long, but interesting talk:


We need a LOT more of this kind of discussion in the church!

so many shills on this site voting down the important info like

so many paid gov't shills on this site voting down the important info like this movie. Very depressing to see that.

i actually receive a weekly

i actually receive a weekly check based on how many times i deny the existence of Satan and his occulty influence on our physical world from the Illuminati.. YOU CAUGHT ME

I love people

who dedicate their hard earned time just to bash religious people. You must wake up with a bright smile on your face thinking you actually achieved something.

im serious! i am an

im serious! i am an Illuminati shill!


Looks great. Can't wait to see it. This is what the Atheists will never understand. Satan is here and he is winning.

what christians don't

what christians don't understand is that the flying spaghetti monster also has an arch enemy! Pizza man! he slowly roasts in a brick oven of fire and his cheezy strings of influence poison ever human he touches bringing about famon and pain and misinformation from television networks!

we have the same amount of evidence for pizza man and satan.


actually think you are funny with that comment? People like you are what I call cowards.

How so? I think you are a

How so? I think you are a coward for failing to see the similarity between the stories. Granted mine is obviously ridiculous I feel that so too is your idea of the ultimate evil spirit.

Because I know God exists

You just didn't ask for him yet.

You celebrate Xmas?

you are delusional

you are delusional

Seems like you

are delusional. I find it funny how you know exactly what I know. Man.. you must be something special?

I love name calling. It just shows how ignorant you are.

delusional is an adjective so

delusional is an adjective so its not name calling

I consider it

This delusional man owns two businesses, two homes and 3 cars. What do you do? Post illuminati garbage on the internet and troll in the basement?

You are so cool kid.

You're a camel! You can't fit through the needle!

Ahh im 19 years old so I am still a young calf! Religion is dying my friend, the mythology of the future Christianity will be! Faith is a sad excuse for a virtue.

Glad to hear about your material possessions too btw!

"Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

looks like you are going to hell bud :/


Who says I am rich?

I donate my time to help with Charities all around the world. I go out my way to help small businesses in my town. I go out my way to help kids, build parks etc. I make statements. I show the world that we don't need Government to help others.

I don't care if Religion is dying. My Bible warned us about that time. I have nothing to worry about. Fear isn't on my list.

By the way, you are on a site called the Daily Paul where Ron Paul is a Christian and spoke just like one through out the debates of 2012.

Must feel weird supporting a Christian huh?

Unless you are just on here to troll and hate. I have no idea.

The funny part about all this is my God and his teaching brought me to Ron Paul.

You know, not every Religious person imposes on others and acts like a jerk.

And I meant strictly in a

And I meant strictly in a financial sense. I made a post about it here.


I agree

Honestly it does feel weird I won't lie, b/c I feel that the same values and reasoning skills I hold dear to my heart that led me away from my Christian roots and education also led me away from a strong socialist ideology I once had. And it's hard for me to understand why other libertarians, people I consider politically enlightened, cannot see what I see spirituality and religion to be. Which is of course mythology and a byproduct of human ignorance.

It's weird to think that people like us can disagree entirely on the meaning of life but politically vote together.

I am well aware

of Religion being controlled. It didn't start out to be that way.

Check this video. This guy makes a good point.


You should try forming your own relationship with God...

instead of discounting it based on how some try to cram it down your throat. I was raised within an organized religion but don't subscribe to one now, but still believe in a higher spiritual power.

I loathe those that wear their religion on their sleeve and want our Constitution filtered through their religious beliefs.

I don't want to replace God with a religious-based strong-armed government.

Go investigate near-death experiences and demonic possessions. Based on what I've seen, there is a spiritual world and a battle for humanity.

Ya I have looked into many

Ya I have looked into many cases and even had close family members and loved ones share their first-hand accounts but I just don't believe. I would need to physically see Jesus Christ come into my bedroom to change my beliefs. And even then I might think I was crazy.

I understand...

Many people like yourself have felt the same. Some have actually died, caught a glimpse of the afterlife or even met JC himself and changed their belief.

This is very insulting.

This is very insulting.

how so?

how so?


It's amazing how blind you are to the fact that the rise and prevalence of Atheism coincides precisely with the moral degradation of the western world.

But you would rather sling insults at the faith that built and shaped western civilization, whose fruits you enjoy, and is now being destroyed by heathens such as yourself.

you think morality results

you think morality results from faith?