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Snowden Drop to Poitras and Greenwald Described

This is an excerpt from the book "The Snowden Files", by The Guardian's Luke Harding. Very interesting details about how Snowden contacted Poitras and Greenwald, and how they performed "The Drop".

Snowden Drop to Poitras and Greenwald Described (PDF hosted by Cryptome.org)

Here's a snippet about how Snowden tried for months to get Greenwald to install PGP [Pretty Good Privacy] encryption software so they could chat securely, and Greenwald just wouldn't do it!

Snowden in Hawaii was thousands of miles away from Brazil. There was little prospect of a physical meeting. Online contact was essential. Yet Greenwald had been too distracted even to follow Snowden's simple encryption guide. The whistleblower's frustration must have been considerable. Greenwald says: 'He must have been thinking, I'm just about to take this enormous f**king risk, to throw my life away, get killed, do the biggest security leak ever, and he [Greenwald] can't even be bothered to get an encryption code."'

As a consequence of this PGP debacle, several weeks passed uselessly. Snowden seemed to have no safe route through to Greenwald....

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