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NSA Action Steps - Take Action with Your State Nullification Bills

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Thanks for the info

emailed my Missouri state congress critters.

thank you

meekster :)

Attn: Washington

Here's what I did earlier.

1) I went to http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/ and typed in my address and it gave me a map that showed my district, with a little flag marker that showed who my legislators and state senator is.

2) I clicked on 1 of my state legislators, and it took me to her official website. There I clicked on "Email", and it took me to an email page.

3) There I filled out all of the info. There are options to check, like you can punch in the bill number and then it automatically finds the bill and populates the box with the name of the bill. I also checked a box that sent the same email to my other legislator, and also my state senator.

I was very user friendly I must say.

good ez link...

thanks 4 that one!
& thanks for pushing your states's bill..
10th amendment center is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!
thanks Kelldor for reporting back on this.

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this updating work of the 10th Amendment Center needs to spread!
Here's a great chance to ACT at the local levels