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Whatever. I don't know why anyone pays attention to the olympics anymore. Just an utter waste of time watching the world's biggest commercial. Oh, and some pointless chest-thumping patriotic propaganda, too-can't leave that out. Let's all chant "USA! USA! USA!" while our economy collapses, the debt limit is raised with nary a whisper against, our resident illegally changes the deathcare law, Japanese radiation drifts across the Pacific towards us, our inner cities crumble, our highways crater, our water is polluted with toxic waste, saboteurs attack our power stations, the govt steals our phone calls and emails, and the dollar turns into Monopoly money (seriously-compare the 20, 50, and 100-they resemble the Monopoly money-same colors!!!). We may be a new 3rd world banana republic, but at least we got hot, young coeds who can do sports and update the Twitter...

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Or you could just watch,

Or you could just watch, enjoy the sports and root for the Ruskies. That's what I'm doing.
Their figure skating pairs were LIGHT.YEARS. above the rest in terms of quality. Comparing the US pairs to the Russians was like was watching Jr. Nationals vs. well, the Olympics.

Though I had aspirations to be like Kristi Yamaguchi in my childhood, I find that snowboarding is my favorite event this time around...I love the snowboarders for how chill and laidback they are. And I especially love the American snowboarders. They're all seem like hippies at heart and I love the relaxed and happy attitude they bring to the Olympics which is usually so agro and intense.

The person who wrote that

is definitely r3VOLution.

No doubt in my mind.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

watching the olympics is an escape from these things

Although I also do enjoy monopoly, coeds, chanting, and tropical fruit

That about sums it up. Life

That about sums it up. Life sucks again.