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US Dollar about to collapse

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I'll take that bet ...

What is your time frame ?

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Before 2020.

Before 2020.

Just my guess.

(and not that far, IMO)

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About to?

The dollar collapsed a long time ago. I remember reading a book 30 years ago about how devalued the dollar had become that the silver had been taken out of the coins. The book was probably ten years old when I read it.

The author wrote that the Treasury Department sent a representative to ask him if there was a way to fake out vending machines with coins with no silver in them. Vending machines send an electric charge across the coin to measure resistance. He told them "yes, but nobody would do it because it would be too expensive to make forged coins out of layered copper and zinc." It wasn't for the government!

Then the copper left the penny in the 1980's and it became mostly zinc. Now that metal is too expensive as is the nickel in the five cent piece.

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There's literally a thread with this exact title every other week

Buy gold and silver, property too if you can afford it.

I see people are catching on.

For those that missed my post a little while ago.

Do note the vitriol that was used by people not yet capable of objective thinking, in their comments. And the down voting extravaganza.

I did not attack her intent, only her state of mind,
which is now becoming self evident.

Karen Hudes - Schizophrenic

Whoomp There It Is

Right on schedule, it's like America's monthly menstruation cycle.

You can always count on a good, "Dollar Is Going To Take A Dump," article at least once a month.


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I dunno about Karen Hudes anymore

She's come out with a pretty fantastical story recently about there being a second humanoid species on earth called Homo Capensis....

Starts at 23:00 in the vid below...


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This has been irking me.

Not only does this talk of a second species controlling homo-sapiens discount most things she is saying about world bank/imf fraud and the economy, but in my opinion, more importantly it discounts what she had been alleging about Jesuit influence in controlling the economy. Although I have never heard her speak to the specifics of Roman-Cult control of world finance, it is absolutely true. It is controlled from Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland with it's Knight's Templar flag is controlled by the Roman Cult.

Now it crosses my mind that she may be out to muddy the waters with regard to people waking up to the neo-Roman NWO. Perhaps there was a reason why she mentioned the Jesuits being in collusion with the world bank; while this is essentially true, her implication of the Jesuits being controlled by big-heads is going to put people off looking at the verifiable facts regarding this supreme secret society and it's affiliates. This is where we need to really start scrutinizing her. I am not saying she is definitely a shill, but now is the time to start watching for red flags.

If this is true what she says about the bigheads, I will come to regret what I have said herein. However, I do not see any indication that roman-catholic officials sporting funny hats at the Vatican have elongated or enlarged skulls, which she is also promoting as fact.

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appears to be a loon.

Nothing she has ever claimed as imminent has come to pass that I have witnessed, leaving her credibility at about 0 for 20.

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Why would it collaspe?

When all they would have to so is change to another form,and backed by the same?
Instead of getting paper,you just swipe your card.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


When are we going to get around to it?

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Lol, it's going to take years

Lol, it's going to take years and years for this to happen. Because all other paper currencies are just as tucked.

Dollar dips .3% - Quick! Drop your shorts and

spread your hedges!

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Where is Karen Hudes today???

I heard rumors that she has been imprisoned. I haven't been able to verify this.

Nah she's been busy trying to convince people of the bigheads...

in the comment sections of alt. media sites...see above comment.

She is active as of today in the comments section here: http://beforeitsnews.com/blogging-citizen-journalism/2014/03...

Thanks! Good to know.

Thanks! Good to know.

You can't destroy something

You can't destroy something that has already been destroyed... Zombie dollar

don't I feel dumb now

I thought it has been collapsing for the last 100 years. I guess a +95% loss of value isn't considered a collapse.

I was kind of skeptical of

I was kind of skeptical of Hudes months ago but can't remember why exactly. This time, I'm becoming even more skeptical. She mentioned the fact that conservative radio hosts are calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention and I also heard recently that there is at least one George Soros funded organization putting a lot of money into those calling for a Con-Con. That's dangerous isn't it? I mean if you have bankers or wealthy individuals using conservative media to push for a Constitutional Convention, why? Hudes sounds like she's all for it. Something doesn't seem right about that.

Hudes is not reliable

Hate to say I told you so but the crux of the story is nuts:
"Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash. "

Wikipedia says: "At the end of 2009, it was estimated that all the gold ever mined totaled 165,000 tonnes."

I wish I had a dollar...

for every time someone said the "dollar is going to collapse"...I would be a rich man!

I bet you a dollar it won't collapse in the next year.

And if any of you here believe it is really going to happen, then please let me know so I can give you my contact information so that you can send me all your dollars...seeing as how you do not think that you will be needing them and all.


You mean the FRN is about to collapse.

The U.S. Dollar is quite strong and will remain so especially in the face of a collapse in the perceived value of the cotton-based Federal Reserve Note.

i wish but sadly the banksters and politicans are kick the can

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D25u4FRnuvk&feature=em-uploa... down the road...

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The US Dollar is NOT about to collapse. It's about the only thing that is not about to collapse. Most financial assets are set to decline in dollar terms, but the dollar will gain in value versus these declining assets.

As measured by the dollar index, it is 6 years off of its low and nowhere near breaking below it.

The purcasing power of the dollar has eroded, yes, and it will continue to erode over the long term, but it will erode more slowly (or less quickly) than many other currencies, and as it continues to erode there will be periods of partial recovery.

what was the dollar at in

what was the dollar at in 1999 on the USDX? Yea your dollar has recovered. today it just came back over 80. IT'S SOARING!

Who's up voting this? The

Who's up voting this?

The Russian hockey team?

It's not the Chinese because the Chinese can't even ski in the Olympics.

Bill Clinton gave the Chinese technology that was 60 years old and they're still trying to figure it out.

The Cold War never ended.

Reagan and Gorby gave each other a hand job and that's about it.

So many people LOVE to talk about the, 'collapse of the dollar,' but they never offer an alternative solution because it doesn't exist.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

what did a dollar buy in

what did a dollar buy in 1920? what does a dollar buy today?

My Grandpa bought a house

My Grandpa bought a house around 1960 for $16k on a police officer salary in Seattle, making about $5k annually. So a house cost about 3 years salary.

My Grandma still lives in the same house and it is worth around $450K or more. If he were in his work position today he would make around $75k annually. So his house would cost him about 6 years pay.

He could roughly buy twice as much house for his reserve notes, back in 1960.

So housing is a bit of a

So housing is a bit of a tricky beast. Because you have to consider the demand side of things. Unlike many other sectors, when demand goes up, housing only has so much wiggle room, especially in confined geographical areas.

Overall, the average real housing price from 1913 until 2013 has more or less gone up with wage growth. When it comes to generalized housing, it is only a little bit easier to buy a house today (you have to work fewer hours) than it was in 1913. Considering the increased population and overall increased housing ownership (around 42% vs. 60%) levels, that is impressive.

Of course, this includes a lot of places where the housing is incredibly cheap. Detroit for example. On the other side, there are places like New York and San Francisco where housing prices have skyrocketed way past the average wage growth. But that isn't a function of FRNs and inflation, it is merely a function of large increases in demand that supply cannot meet up with.

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I knew when I posted that

I knew when I posted that comment I was over simplifying the situation. Another thing about the Seattle area is you have a large concentration of high paid Microsoft, and other high paid, workers.

There is also now a lot more inexpensive manufactured goods which means you spend a little more for somethings, save some on others, and it all winds up being somewhat of a wash.

I guess you really need to look at the living standards of now vs. then. Personally I would not want to live without an internet, and other technologies. I am 33 and I was probably about the last group of kids to have a childhood that did not have the internet in full swing yet. We weren't able to look anything up and didn't know who to believe.