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come out swinging tomorrow ron...

he needs to stress the fact that he is the only conservative on the stage....

this needs to be stressed from here on out... just like his new ad..

i am sure that this will be his game plan---

put these phonies in their place ron....



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Correct ...but ...He also needs to stress his opponents lousy re

ords!...These guys aren't conservative and they were WRONG on the war.....Hillary(or Obama) are going to fry them for that fact....

Ron Paul'08

Its time for us to charge, I

Its time for us to charge, I am looking to Ron to be on the offensive this debate. Make some noise.

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If I were Ron Paul...... IIWRP

I would look to my debate opponents and say
" These men are actors,no different than Hollywood.
Their opinions change which ever way the wind blows.
I am the only man on this stage with an honest record.
"I have given over 30 years of my life to TRUE public service."
I am honored to have served my tenth term in congress, thanks to the wonderful people that I represent.
I have made EVERY decision with THEIR best interests, and the Constitution, at heart.
`"I will do the same for America.."
I will never sell you out, lie to you,,or infringe on you constitutional rights.
Constitutional rights, men and women have fought, and died for...
Aren't you TIRED?!?!, of the same EMPTY promises, EVERY four years?!?
Tonight I would ask,that you PLEASE examine our message,and ENVISION, how much better your lives could be, with a few basic changes, STARTING WITH HONESTY in government.
Confidence in this administration and in Congress as low as ever.
There are millions of Americans who feel the way I do,,and are beyond tired of the "business as usual" Govt. we have been seeing.
Now I may not have the prettiest hair,or the smoothest tongue,but I am HONEST,and you can count on me to get America back to a STRONG National Defense, a SOUND economy, and most importantly... CREDIBILITY, around the world...
Please join us for this most important fight...

Somethin' like that.......fun to play RP...sometimes..

you truly are...


another great ad could be made from your ideas....

Eastern Oregon is Ron Paul Country!



"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."