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(VIDEO ) Sen. Rand Paul On "The Situation Room" W / Wolf Blitzer - CNN, 2/13/14

(VIDEO ) Sen. Rand Paul On "The Situation Room" W / Wolf Blitzer - CNN, 2/13/14


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They criticized his dad for not "getting anything done".

So now with Rand, when he forces issues, they say it is a political stunt.

You either want more government or less, and your strategy varies accordingly.


Turn over a rock in this country and one will always find an Israeli.

not all Israelis

are Zionists. That's the reason why we still have a little bit of freedom left.

If there was any doubt

we know now who CNN represents, and that they can't win on the substance of the case, in an open court.

The Stone Faced Mr. Jerulsalem Post & Mossad Agent

Another attempted hacket job back fires..

Rand Paul is now the face of the NEW republican party wolf...

BTW, i heard yesterday that Laura Ingraham predicted that Jeb Bush is going to win the GOP nomination for president in 2016..

Apparently he has just returned from the LA area after raising over 400,000..The Bush family still has alot of power and influence.

Laura also predicts that Hellary Clinton is going to win the Donkey party nomination. So she figures the establishment party nominees will fight it out resulting of a Hellary Clinton Presidency..

Personally, I loath the entire Bush and Clinton murdering families and will having nothing to do with them..I will write in for Ron Paul
again if that happens..

But, with reference to miss Laura Ingraham and her prognostigations, i don't think it took a phucking genius to have figured that one out. I predicted the same outcome before Obamanation was selected for his second term...

I hope i wrong and Rand wins the GOP nomination..

Happy Valentines Day, emalvini!

Ron Paul put the message out there but, the media blocked him and the message out. It was the "tireless minority" that spread the good news and the message finally began to catch on.

Ron always chose his words carefully during slanted, rare interviews. Rand Paul carries the message but, he chooses which issues he will address publically just as carefully as his father chose his words. No doubt Rand is becoming the top contender for the nomination. BUT, will the neocon GOP "allow" him to get the nomination or will we see a rerun of the Tampa convention?

The good news there is that the message has now been accepted (in whole or in good part) by the American people who have awakened. If Rand gets the nomination, it will be a big victory for our side., However, should another Tampa scenario take place, then that could well be the tipping point for the (now) majority of Americans. Fasten your seat belt. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Happy Valentines Day To You As Well Sweety!

It's always good to hear from one of my best friends in the liberty movement...

Enjoy your day Nonna.

Best wishes,

Caio bella!


A happy 'V' Day

to you both

Happy Valentines Day To You VR!

it's always good to hear from you as well..


Happy Valentines Day To All My Good Patriotic Friends...



So glad I

unplugged from the cable brain drain!!!
I told them why also before I did it!!!

Funny thing, they told me they are all owned by one!


Typical MSM brainwashing as

Typical MSM brainwashing as usual. Rand handled well.

Make sure you lead with the 'inside dirt' Wolf.

Really has no legal standing
Political Stunt
Now let's have an interview Senator Paul.
What say you?


You can expect the mis-information rhetoric against Rand to grow

...with each passing interview. He's wise not to announce until the last moment. Maybe even after all the other candidates. He handles these pawns very effectively and rarely stumbles on an answer. He's shrewd.

I personally don't have a problem with him playing the establishment like a cheap guitar to get into office and do right. They play the American people to get into office to do wrong.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

He is shrewd

He speaks very clearly, articulately and shows confidence, never letting any negative emotions show through. Rand has his own style and from the recent interviews I have seen, he handles these attack pieces very well. You are right though, as he gets over the target they will double down on the attacks.


This is a disgusting interview.

First they start off with a pre-interview hit piece, and then jump into what was the biggest joke of an interview.

Not once do we hear a question from Wolf about what the lawsuit is actually about or the motives behind Rand bringing this issue to the forefront or why this might be important.

Instead, all we hear from CNN, is a defensive posture, on behalf of the Obama administration, using literally every single question to point out that Rand is simply "political posturing".

I wish Rand would have mentioned that hundreds of thousands had signed up for supporting this lawsuit when Wolf says that most people are against this type of action.

If Wolf had a birdbrain....

it would fly backwards.