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* * How do you think Fox - Hannity will SPIN Guilanni forced quit **

Ya'll know Guilanni was the favorite of Fox and Hannity has been a shill for Gulianni.

I don't listen anymore...how do you all think Hannity will spin this...

I might listen in tomorrow just to hear his rationalizations...uh..spin that is. ha.

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Anyone eavesdrop on Hannity today?

What's the scoop?

Who's watching FOX?

I thought we were boycotting Fox?

Hmm...This is why they keep doing what they do. No one follows through.


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

on significant events...

I tune in to monitor propaganda.

What will the Gulianni's quit spin be?

They will now "push" McCant

McCain will now be the Neo-Con of choice for Faux Spews. They will employ their motto of "far-un-balanced" to the new lackey. He has been a good CFR troll for many years.
McCain can't win. He is too liberal for Republicans (except the hardcore lemmings who all vote in primaries), and too hawkish for democrats.

McCant win!

Unfair Media Coverage

Go Ron Go!!!

And then there were 4...

I listened....

to about 3 minutes of him today before the primary. He was pretty much on his knees waiting for Megamillions Mitt. He knew on his show today that Julie Annie was done. Maybe Julie Annie will still cross-dress for him though. Oh, and he spent half the time bragging about himself being such a great conservative. What a joke!

ha...on that cross-dressing thing...

ya know...I know Guilianni's policies are not convervative (but neither are the others)...so that deviation by Guilanni (wearing the drag) just might have cost him the GOP win.

Seriously, no one has even addressed it...but did you see him...can you imagine the POTUS in drag! I think it turned off people in a significant way...only everyone wants to be too cool to say so.

Lilac was not his color

And the blond wig just aged him. He should have gone for a darker color dress and a shorter hair style, maybe something with highlights. I mean, OMG, who was his stylist!!

this is perhaps sweeter justice

you know this was devastating to Mr. Hannity.

For me, just seeing this day where reality hits Hannity has made all the effort thus far so very worth it.

Ron Paul 2008

I think

He will drop him like a hot potato. Ignore his error as quickly as he can and move on to Romney or whoever he will grab. I haven't watched him in a month, so I am out of touch. But I hear Rush and he is all about Romney.


that should be good! I don't listen to him either but just might.