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Citizens United Lowballing TMOT's Poll Numbers? 1% or 7% or?

I was looking for some info on the Georgia Republican Primary
with the intention of making a pitch to my Democrat-registered
daughter to vote for DP's favorite Derrick Grayson (since the GA
Primary is open) and happened to notice the following anomaly:

on the Ballotpedia site here:


Several polls are cited, one from last March and another from last August -
both of those had Grayson at 0%. But a Jan.31-Feb. 1 2014 poll commissioned
by Citizens United shows the following:

Gingrey 19%
Broun 13%
Handel 14%
Kingston 11%
Perdue 8%
Yu 2%
Grayson 7% Undecided 0%

Note that that adds up to 74...

Whereas, on Citizens United's own site:


they report the same poll's results as follows:

Gingrey – 19%
Handel – 14%
Broun – 13%
Kingston – 11%
Perdue – 8%
Yu – 2%
Grayson – 1%
Other – 1%
Undecided – 28%

Which adds up to 97.

If you add 28% undecided to the Ballotpedia numbers
you get 102%, throw in another 1% for undecided and you
are at 103%...

So, which (if any) of these are the real numbers? TMOT at 1%
is what has gone out to the media and Citizens United has endorsed
Broun and I'm sure they are fine with the "Grayson as fringe candidate
with zero support and credibility" narrative - does anyone think they
won't resort to whatever they can get away with to promote it?

In any case, it looks like the race has tightened - Gingrey, Broun and Kingston
all appear to be down substantially from last August with Yu and Perdue up.
And TMOT? Well, that would be nice to know, wouldn't it? I understand that rounding
can result in totals over/under 100, but there seems to be something beyond that
going on here...

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This is bs..

TMOT has been fighting for days and months and we cant back him up? Come on folks his campaign should be getting more focus from us, he has put in countless hours in the liberty movement.. I will match any donation posted on this post!

Can't have no black liberty

Can't have no black liberty loving people running for senate. Would give people too much hope. Let's just tweak these numbers here a stitch.

Southern Agrarian

Let's help spread the message to get the votes in

Derrick Grayson (AKA TMOT) at the US Senate Debate in Georgia, Feb 2014.


“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul