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Time to lock and load

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Just passed yesterday's fundraising too! Time to get serious----the lite (penalized early) elections are past and most of the candidates spent their money for very little gain. NOW is the Time and Ron Paul is the Man!

I was wondering if anyone

I was wondering if anyone had posted this already. It a great article. If our favorite warmonger is declared the frontrunner it allows us to focus on how unconservative he really is.

Ladies and gentlemen.........






I didn't know that you meant by lock & load but I get it now.

Great article.

This has been a GREAT DAY!

We are in this to win it and it will be WON BY DR. PAUL.

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

Must Read

Everyone needs to read this article, go to bed and get as much sleep as you can, wake up, mainline caffeine, and roll up your sleeves. This is when we start throwing punches. The hardest front door to open is your own, get out and start spreading the news that their is someone who wants to save America running for president!

Wow, great

summary, thanks.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Head to Head

I'd love to see Dr. Paul and mccain go "head to head" in a debate!

Dr. Paul would....


Dr. Paul would kick that warmongering Mcinsane's arse all over the debate floor in about 5 minutes! yeeeeehaaaa!!!

The Good Dr.Ron Paul, the brick wall.......

Lock and load is a very good analogy right now!!

Great Article