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Show Ron Paul some LOVE. Let's put him on top of the charts!

Part #2 of the "Meet Ron Paul" give away is here!!!

The goal of this giveaway is to show Ron Paul some love on Valentine's Day. To do this we will attempt to put his biography at the #1 spot in Amazon's "Best Selling Children's Biographies List". We have been to #8 before...let's top the charts!!!

Here is how you can win...

Step #1 go to http://www.amazon.com/Meet-Ron-Paul-Biography-Blankenship/dp... and buy a copy of 'Meet Ron Paul' before midnight tonight February 14th EST.

Step #2 send an email to meetronpaul@gmail.com with proof of purchase (no sensitive info) along with:
15 random numbers 1-5000 per Hard Copy
10 random numbers 1-5000 per Softcover
3 random numbers 1-5000 Kindle

Step #3 ***BUMP THIS POST to add 10 extra numbers***

The participants with the closest numbers will be notified via email and they will pick from these remaining items: 1 Hardcover, 1 Softcover of Choice: Hard/Soft/Ebook Voucher, 1 'Meet Ron Paul' Poster, 7 Ebook Vouchers, 7 Business Cards, 15 Bookmarks, 15 Postcards.

PARTICIPANTS must purchase book(s) first (by Midnight EST, Friday, February 14, 2014) and then email (by Midnight EST, Sunday, February 16, 2014) proof of purchase information (no sensitive info, please) along with chosen number(s) -earned (specifying which number(s) 1-5000. WINNERS NOTIFIED WITHIN THE WEEK. In case of a tie...Order of Winners to Choose Items: 1) Purchasers of Hardcovers, then Softcovers, then Kindles; 2)if still a tie, Purchaser who bought and emailed numbers with required info first.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

This is pretty spammy, Mat

This isn't what the forum is intended for.

Please, don't do this again.

He's the man.