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Grannys in Ar

We are here in Russellville AR at a local college where they have a
"FREE SPEACH ZONE?" Somehow that just fizzles me.. Since when do we not have free speach where ever we want? When did we just let this happen? Why do we tolerate such crap?????

I am sissled...

We are here because we have had brake problems and found a Ron Pauler who is also a mechanic who is working on it. The parts alone will cost $700. I am at the edge folks... It is up to you all to say whether or not to continue this fight. I have given it all I can but I am out of credit.

And to top that off I got a call today that if the USDA catches me with this monkey on the road they are going to confiscate it? I have tried to find out from the USDA who gives them the authourity to do such a thing but they run you around in circles. I am not permitted by that INCorporation.. And don't intend to be. I am giving no one the rights to enter my home and property at any time without notice to inspect how I care for my animals. I do not intend to play their games. I will not give up my animal easily. The Eastern District USDA inspector told a person they were inspecting that if they caught me they would take the animal.Now as you all know I am pretty much a moving target but it could happen.. Evidently someone has reported that I am exhibiting Buddy which means by USDA rules I have to have a exhibition permit.. Crap.. who made that a law? I know PETA was trying to get primates outlawed all over the country and actually did in some states which I steer clear of. Other states you must have a health certificate or travel permit to travel through which I have and get renewed every 30 days.

If any of you can find out just how the USDA a corporation has been given the authority to pass laws and rule over animal owners I would be really happy to find out.

As I said I will not relent easily, Buddy will not leave my presence without a extreme fight. Hopefully it will not come to that but I have no way of knowing or why anyone would file reports of his being on exhibit. Or even why he shouldn't be on exhibit if I choose to do that. I am mad as hell.. Why would any one give up their rights to control their own animals? Who has the right to tell me how to live, raise my animal or care for it. Now if I were abusing the animal that may be a reason to file reports, This is outrageous.

Ron Paul has to win this battle or we will all lose what little rights we have left..

Linda ( granny)

I will write another message tomorrow maybe it will be a little merrier. But.... that is doubtful if I have to see that deformed debased and doubtfully sane McCain grin about taking Florida.

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A hug and a prayer is all I can send you

But I will make sure they are both good ones. Remember not to let fear and doubt steal from you the wonder of just how far we have all come, and how much impact we have made so far. You are a true miracle worker, and no government or corporation can stop a miracle.

Dear granny:

You are one hell of a fighter. This revolution needs everyone of it's patriots
but you could be an army of one. Courage and blessings to you and 25.00
on it's way.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Thank you

I find it appauling that the USDA has any say at all concerning Buddy. This is an outrage! You know the government is too big when they are fretting night and day about a monkey! I donated to your cause two days ago and plan on doing so again. It was nice having you stop in Little Rock. You looked so tired
and weary. Maybe your batteries need recharging, because this revolution is truly energized! God Bless you and your gang!

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

They were in Little Rock

They were in Little Rock last night. We had a great sign waving and about 30 people from our meetup group were there.