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Adam Kokesh Goes #OffTheGrid | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

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Great Interview

I must say, I really got to know Adam much better, on account of this interview with Jesse

adam is the man!

totally puts himself out there with no apologies.

Well spoken

Born free & sovereign and will die the same.



looks to be back in full form. bravo!
i always get a kick out of jesse, but dude lose that T-shirt!

What an awesome man

That is the first taste I've had of Adam K... I'm fully impressed.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

Can someone Cliff Note this for people with slow connections?

Is off the grid the name of the show or is he really going off the grid? Sorry to be such a dumb bunny.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Jesse off grid in Mexico and TV show; Adam staying Adam....


"Off The Grid" premieres Monday, January 27 at 3PM EST / 12PM PST. And then tune in Tuesday through Friday, 3PM EST.


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Jesse welcomes Adam to "Off The Grid".

Jesse: Navy Seal, Wrestler, Governor, Patriot, Independent, Truth-Seeker, Crusader, President?

Jesse Ventura(host) "Off The Grid" (satellite connection from Mexico)

Adam: Activist, Iraq War Vet, Always stirring up trouble in Washington, D.C.; Host of "Adam vs. The Man" podcast, former Congressional Candidate for New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District, and he's an anarchist who plans to run for President in 2020.

A: Former Marine...7 months in Fallujah (Iraq) 2004 ...was an enlightening experience.

J: Weapons of Mass Destruction? Ties to Al Qaeda? (Reasons told had to go to Iraq.)

A: "Load of crap." Feels more than betrayed. Feels like a sucker.
Going to Iraq eye-opening experience. Learned 'racket of war' first-hand and how futile it is; but gave sense of commonality and universality of the human experience.

Who has most weapons of mass destruction...U.S. Gov't.
We attack them because can't trust them having weapons.
Worst form of hypocrisy against American ideals and 2nd Am. that no one else can defend themselves.

J: Iraq War obviously wrong. Never should have gone there.
A: Absolutely. Americans sheltered from realities of war and repercussions/consequences; our ignorance and apathy.

A. No one would join military if read book of Major-General Smedley Butler, "War is a Racket". J: Should be mandatory high school reading. (J. wrote fwd in book)

A. Relates his detention in U.S. as karma for his actions to Iraqi detainees in war. Very exciting time to be alive when people can use internet as quick connect to abusive happenings going on.

J: Congratulates Adam for being vigilant citizen per Thomas Jefferson like we all should be doing.

A: When he got arrested last year he was really naive and underestimated what the gov't would do - lists everything.
Then betrayed by his business workers who stole his legal defense fund and tried to keep him in jail to live high off money coming in.

Moving to Los Angeles. Banned in D.C. next 2 yrs. Looks forward to re-starting over and grateful to his supporters. Help his podcast at adamvstheman.com

J: Best of Luck. Everyone stay vigilant.
Questions> @GovJVentura; (210)80-ASK-JV ; #stayvigilant


Hope that helps.

**Tip for slow connections: start watching, pause, come back in 30-60 minutes after it loads, and play to watch.

Bump, thank you. Adam pulling no punches, I wish he

would run for congress again. He is a 9/11 Truther, as opposed to a 9/11 Sucker. I bet he has the cajones to run on a Truth platform, saying his first day in office he will submit a resolution for a real investigation. That will get NWO's underwear in a bunch.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

off the grid

Is the name of the show. It is Jesse Ventura's show and he interviewed Adam Kokesh. He is not the best interviewer. There were a lot of leading questions which gives the impression of preaching to the choir. Still Adam made some good clear and detailed points. It was good to hear him. They talked mostly about the war racket- especially Iraq. That led into the police state, libertarianism, and more local control.

Adam Kokesh plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of oderly disolution of the Federal government.

Wow! Adam sounds great!

Leave it to Jesse to be the bold one sporting Adam on his show. Adam sounds really sane right now, and it's good to hear he's moving to Los Angeles [and not Denver or Seattle ;D ]. Top notch interview! Very insightful! Thanks MMJM!


Thanks for posting.

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