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Gas Industry Uses The State Police The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force To Silence A Citizen: Intelligence Officer At My Door, 2.1

Friday, February 14, 2014
I was brushing my teeth, and getting kidney meds into my cat, Switch, when I heard my three dogs going nuts downstairs.

I jostled down the stairs, wiping toothpaste off my face to attend to the rapping, and the doggies.

There was a man at the door.

I thought it was a Jehovah Witness, so I was wondering whether to make coffee.

I arrived at the door, signaled to the fellow--who I could now see was holding out a badge--that I needed to get my dogs outside. 'Barky, not bitey," I believe I said.

The man's name is MIKE HUTSON, Pennsylvania State Police, Intelligence Unit, Williamsport Office.

He was investigating reports of "vandalism" at unspecified compressor station locations, and he had with him a copy of the excellent Jeremy Alderson's Fall/Winter (2.2) Edition of the NO FRACK ALMANAC (http://www.nofrackalmanac.com/downloads/volume2_2.pdf).

He wanted to know about the pictures--the ones I have included here.

He wanted to know about the activists in the anti-fracking movement--and whether or not "they" commit acts of vandalism and/or violence.

He wanted me to give him names of "bad apples."


The Center for Constitutional Rights has a publication: "If an agent knocks" that you can find here:
It is best not to talk to police or agents who come fishing for information. They play on our instinct to be polite to visitors. By all means be polite. "I'm sorry but I never speak with police without my attorney" is a very polite response.

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"Fracking Nightmare" now on Capricorn Radio

..and you thought it was ONLY being fought in the USA??

It's being discussed right now on Capricorn Radio (UK), here's the link:

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Here's Some More Trouble-Makers

...hell-bent on stopping the frackers...
I sure as all hell don't want them drilling near me...neither do my neighbors; Marcellus Shale Region is my neighborhood.


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

It's Global

Brutal British Police Go Into ‘Full Corporate Mode’ Against Anti-Fracking Campaigners

Special Report
21st Century Wire

The politicisation of Britain’s police force appears to be in full swing this week, as Greater Manchester Police (GMP) go into full corporate mode the month, at one of the country’s most protested shale gas drilling sites at Barton Moss.

Gone are the last vestiges of any semblance to ‘Policing’ as it’s been traditionally defined in Britain, as events take a disturbing fascist turn in the England’s Northwest.

"Frack Off" is the Organization

..in the UK Anti-Fracking movement.
See the link to Capricorn Radio a few doors up in this thread.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

ACT 13 Found Unconstitutional (Written by O&G Industry)


Act of Feb. 14, 2012, P.L. 87, No. 13 Cl. 58

Session of 2012

No. 2012-13

HB 1950


Amending Title 58 (Oil and Gas) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for an unconventional gas well fee and for transfers from the Oil and Gas Lease Fund; providing for distribution of fees and transfers; establishing the Natural Gas Energy Development Program; consolidating the Oil and Gas Act with modifications and additions relating to definitions, well permits, permit objections, comments by municipalities and storage operators, well location restrictions, well site restoration, protection of water supplies, notification to public drinking water systems, containment for unconventional wells, transportation records regarding wastewater fluids, corrosion control requirements, gathering lines, well control emergency response, hydraulic fracturing chemical discharge requirements, bonding, air containment emissions, public nuisances, enforcement orders, well control emergency cost recovery, penalties, civil penalties, inspection and production of materials, witnesses, depositions and rights of entry, third party liability and inspection reports; providing for local ordinances relating to oil and gas operations and for responsibility for fee; making an appropriation; and making a related repeal.

The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hereby enacts as follows:

Section 1. Title 58 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes is amended by adding parts to read:


I know I was once rude to you, but I hope it is either forgotten or you will accept my apologies. I'm here in Westmoreland County, so we have some fracking but not the volume you have. If I'm following you on this, part I was declared unconstitutional? Is the medical gag still in effect or was it also thrown out?

Messed up stuff here. I know a fella pretty well that got rich off of well maintenance subcontracting for range, so I guess I've had the blinders on.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

jimbo999 I hold no grudges with the DP family

Just cuz we argue and get pissed off doesn't mean we don't care.
We do care.

OK. About the ruling:
I don't know but I'll try to find out.
I know that the judge specifically mentioned the fact that the state can't override local zoning codes. That was the main issue.

Other issues
The court also found another section of Act 13 which allowed the Department of Environmental Protection to grant waivers for setback requirements from water sources to be unconstitutional.
The justices also weighed in on the so-called “doctor gag rule” of Act 13. The language in the law has some medical professionals concerned they could get in trouble for disclosing chemical trade secrets associated with gas drilling. The high court says that legal challenge can continue and it was sent it back to the lower Commonwealth Court.


I'm pleased Cuda,

because sometimes we all get carried away. I'm going to read through the Act and revisions when I get a chance. Thanks for the info.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

Keep It Shut Doc'!


More Fracking Medical Gag

by Dory Hippauf on March 21, 2013

In February 2012, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed Act 13, (also known as the Gift to Gassers). One of the provisions prohibits medical professionals from sharing information about fracking chemicals and requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

A doctor is allowed to contact a driller and inquire about what chemicals are used in fracking, however they can not share this information with others in the medical profession.

This makes treating patients who have been exposed to the toxic chemicals all the more difficult. The chemical may vary from driller to driller and even from gas well to gas well. A patient would need to know which gas wells are in their area and the natural gas corporation doing the drilling.

Y u no record?

Y u no record?

Crawford County, we have

Crawford County, we have fracked oil and gas wells here, shales and sandstones. We have fracked wells along every road.

Why would you call someone a lying hyprocrite when you don't even know who he is or what exactly what he does? I can sleep at night because I don't take other people's money by force to do my job. I don't work for a union, I don't work for government or government contracts, I don't work in healthcare where I'm paid with medicare and medicaid money, I don't work in banking where I'm bailed out by government; I don't work in education where I'm paid with tax money to spread propaganda.

Also, I've been an environmentalist since gradeschool (Before it was the cool thing to be). I got my start in gradeschool when I worked with other students to address the issue of runoff going into storm drains and entering the local watershed untreated. The water would empty out into local streams untreated.

The region we live in is part of the Appalachian Basin. Methane induced fracturing first occured here 350 million years ago during the Carboniferous when Euramerica collided with Gondwana. The tectonic stresses of the collision, combined with increased pore pressure within devionian black shales, (including the Marcellus) led to tensile failure in the direction of the minimum stress (a shift towards the left along Mohr's Circle for geologists and engineers, also the idea behind pressure pumping or 'fracking' today). This created the J1 joints in the Marcellus everyone knows about. The J2 joints were created in the same way. There are Marcellus outcrops in upstate NY where methane is actually released at the surface because of naturally induced fractures and joints.

Hydraulic fracturing tries to replicate this naturally occuring process. The point I'm trying to get across is that activists should have an answer to 'how does hydraulic fracturing taint groundwater,' instead of just accusing people of harming the environment. How does water pumped down nine thousand feet below the surface reach a shallow water table when there are formations inbetween that act as water barriers? In what way does water travel back up a wellbore?

matt23 Me Boy. You're Coverin' Your Arse Buddy

Fracking is so safe in Pennsylvania, your industry tried to get a law passed that a doctor can be criminally charged if he tells a patient or another doctor what chemicals a patient has been exposed to while consulting about a patient's illness.

You're a dumb phuck, Matty Me Boy. I said a dumb phuck. Wake up and smell the coffee "Mr. Geological Historian". You sound like you know something but it's all static noise, Matty Me Boy. You're mixin' fact with fiction Me Boy. Fact with fiction I said.

For Pennsylvania's Doctors, a Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals

Chilly Down BT, rude isn't an argument

It's not an issue I have studied but if indeed people are getting gag orders against speaking out then that's a bad sign. On the other hand fracking hysteria has the smell of a watermelon blown up issue like AGW.

Without question the fossil fuel industry will lie, and the watermelons will lie.

But I really don't even need to study the issue.

Whatever position the government eventually coalesces in support of, will be the side of lies. Since it's not clear yet which that is I'll reserve judgment.

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. - Thomas Jefferson

Faith, You haven't been on

a farm that's been destroyed by fracking.

I have. Several of them.

You should know that I am an investor. I was overjoyed 5 years ago reading the analysis of the future activity in the Marcellus Shale.

I live in the Ground Zero - Washington County, PA of milk and honey. We have the highest grossing casino in the state right in my town. The casino built a state of the art fire house for the town.
We have a building boom that never quit all through the "Greatest Recession". Life is real good here.

And in 2010 I met two local guys who had put millions (cash) into their farms (we don't believe in debt) and lost it all to fracking. Completely destroyed. No exaggeration.

I was never an environmentalist and it drives me crazy that I have to ally with those environmental extremists (They remind me of Al Sharpton in their blind frenzy) on some cases because they are right.

In fact the two guys I mentioned are right wing conservatives.
One of them has spent $2 million in legal fees fighting to get back some of the $11 million he lost on his winery and heirloom tomato farm.
The other settled for $1.5 million when Range Resources admitted they destroyed his farm worth over $2,5 million.

So believe me when I tell you I am very "chilled out", mainly because I spent money investigating the whole issue for myself before I invested in property here in ground zero.

Over the hill from my house we have Texas corporations building headquarters and employing lots of people. It's beautiful.

No offense but

an anecdote isn't proof to me. I've read accounts both ways. From where I sit there's a lot of motive for lies all around.

I spent months studying up on climate science to know enough to have an opinion about AGW. I've studied economics for years to know enough to debunk Keynesianism in my sleep.

All I had to do in either case was see which side government got behind to know it was the lie.

I'm not going to study up on petro geology, when I can just wait and know the answer.

I have no reason to disbelieve you, but I also know causation can be mistaken and can be hard to diagnose.

What I am confident of is that whatever yarn the government gets behind will be the lie.

I find your anecdote credible by the way, if I had to make a choice based on your story I'd find in your favor. But I'm instead in the position of waiting to be convinced by evidence.

I also want to know: What is your solution proposed?

And so I'm a 'dumb fuck'

And so I'm a 'dumb fuck' because I'm merely a lower class , illiterate worker whose unable to look at the evidence and formulate his own opinion. I'm not a multimillion dollar investor whose lost his farm. I'm done with dailypaul. Bye.

Can't get to the truth

Can't get to the truth without adversaries.

Is "fracking" the problem, or.....

....the chemicals they inject, the formula's of which are "proprietary"? I.e. no one knows what the h*ll chemicals they are injecting, but knowing Halliburton, I have a sneaking suspicion you would not feed it to your kids or dogs.

The exact chemical make-ups are proprietary

But not the list of specific chemicals injected. Coca-cola has a proprietary formula for coke classic. This is trade secret and highly protected, but you can see on their can what is in it- sugar, CO2, water etc. The same is true with frac' fluids. The employee's have the right to know the chemicals they are handling and thus, the chemicals in frac' fluids are widely known. They can be found at fracfocus.org. Just a note on fracfocus.org... this was an industry effort to self report chemical treatments. Most companies voluntarily submit injection information. Some states, have now required every treatment be submitted here. This website is an example of an industry policing itself and providing information to the public without threat of incarceration.

Slightly different context, but that picture brings to mind

"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." ( Matthew 19:4-6 )

At least not without a damn good compelling reason...

scawarren's picture

There are a thousand

There are a thousand different companies that make up the gas industry and you find it proper to demonize all of them? I don't see any "silencing" here; all I see is an investigation for property damage :/

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Personal injury and property damage, only hope?

Manufacturer of Viox told profits would be paid in settlements.

Pacific Gas and Electric settled groundwater contamination case.

When costs exceed profits investors evaporate.

Vandalism is covered by insurance.

Injury and property damage lawsuits have a history of success.

Intimidation by state and federal officials is likely as the state protects it's revenues.

In a free country both parties get a say. At least get injuries and damages on the record.

Free includes debt-free!

I work in the gas industry...

I work in the gas industry... I don't use a personal police force. I don't think any industry should.

There's another story too... One of death threats myself and coworkers receive.


If your profession brings death threats, maybe . . . . you're in the wrong profession??

Where you from by the way?? You live within 15 minutes of where you're working and fracking??? I hope so, otherwise you're a lying hypocrit!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Maybe you're on the wrong website...

This one is supposed to be dedicated to free thought, free markets and opposing statism. Peace, gold and love, right? As if gold isn't a commodity that doesn't have a pretty ugly mining process. I guess someone else's freedom to produce their minerals ends where your opinion begins.

Way to go ad hominem right away. This is normally how attacks on America's most productive industry play out.

Wrong profession?

Wrong profession? Hypocrite??? Theres a fracked well right outside my front window! Hydraulic fracturing has been around, and I challenge you to tell me what hydraulic fracturing even is! And if I believe what I am doing is right, why should I change my profession?

I can think of alot of scenarios where people who do the right things receive threats. I love my job and I can sleep at night, because I know I do a good job and I care about what I do. I'm more a steward of the environment than many.

What is hydraulic fracturing? And how am I a hypocrite?

Hey Matt, another Energy Industry Guy Here

I just wanted to reach out to you and say there are a lot of people who really respect and applaud your work. I'm not farmiliar with the details of the Marcellus, but I've done work in the Bakken and Eagleford. There is a huge disinformation campaign (as you know) regarding what we do. I'm suprised it hasn't been addressed straight out on the DP because it seems like people here seek the truth. However, every time this subject has come up, I've been disappointed with the so-called libertarians suddenly loving state assistance in banning a 60+ year old process. People here are libertarian until it comes to what an individual decides to do with minerals that they own and land that they own. I guess it shows you the power of HBO.

It doesn't take much research to find that OPEC and Russia want an end to the idea of American energy independence. They have monopolized the price of a bbl and the price of an M of gas for too long. Their last good hope is teaming up with the sierra club et al and campaigning against frac'. Research the entity that funded Matt Damon's "Promised Land" (hint they're from the Middle East).

From a libertarian's perspective, we produce a commodity for a market. The commodity is produced in compliance with all (excessive) regulation and all parties have the right to abstain from production. There is no coercion. And the people that don't like it are still driving vehicles, heating homes and using products all from fossil fuel production. It's not a perfect industry, and corporate wellfare unfortunately does exist, but the fact is that demand for energy has to be met with supply. The cheaper the energy, the better for society.


Thanks for the kind word

Thanks for the kind word Zach. I agree, it's not difficult to follow the funding for films such as 'Gasland' and 'Promised Land.'

I'm from Western PA

dont pull that schtick with me about if I cant go toe to toe with you on the intricate details with exacting perfection, then I have no clue what it is!!
I dont know the details of how to waterboard someone, but I'm smart enough to know I dont want it done to me or my family.

Put your money where your big mouth is!!
WHERE ARE YOU FROM?? Where do you live? Answer the freakin question!

My family has known fracking in Indiana County, Fayette county, and in the Punxsatawney, Curwensville areas of Pa for over half a century.

Gas wells have been "fracked" here for decades. My grandfather had one on his property.
The fracking of the past could cause issues with wells.
The fracking NOW is MUCH different and you know that. They are going MUCH deeper in need to "frack" for the marcelus shale oil.

Fracking is a process of injecting material, typically in a liquid or liquid type form so as to create hydraulic pressure to fracture underground pockets of gas so as to get it to the surface.

Problem is the collateral dmage that the property owners and adjoining folks have to deal with for the next possibly century.

If this practice is our future, we're doomed!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson