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giuliani gets last stab @ ron-paul before.quitting


Build em up just to tear em down

He says Ron paul won oall the debates

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There is so much jealously. Who gets anything close to the love, attention and dedication that Ron Paul gets from such a huge, diverse, group of supporters from around the world. The money will take them only
so far, but the only truth and love will prevail in the end this time. As far as the money goes it will happen as more and more get aboard the train.


I hope rudy loses sleep over losing so badly to Paul

Eh, that wasn't a stab..

Eh, that wasn't a stab.. He was actually truthful. Ron Paul DID win all the debates. :-)

Not just that...

If played right, referencing it could be quite humorous tonight, IMO. (Damn, I wish we had Dave Barry secretly-working as a RP speechwriter -- that would be great!)

PS Georgia, Florida needs you to distribute


our signs!! Help. Look!!!


he didn't mention 9/11!!

No, Ron Paul gets the last stab today.....

When he can say he is STILL in the race and Rudy is on the sidelines!

Go RON PAUL!!!!!!

Oh, please

You couldn't see it coming?
It was obvious what was going on when McCain took a time out in the middle of the Florida debates to extol what a great American Giuliani is.
Huckabee is next.
That irrelevant question to Huckabee about McCain's age is another harbinger.
Huckabee gushed all over about how McCain had all that stamina.
Well,I guess after fusing with him in La he would know.
It was like watching a meeting of the mutual admiration society (or maybe the self-preservation society)

Yeah, When He Turned & Said That Garbage

Vote RON PAUL 2008
I knew something was up, something was gonna happen soon him turning and saying that. It had nothing to do with nothing, just out of the blue MCCAIN turns towards GIULIANI and praises the jerk for 9/11 or some such nonsense. GIULIANI ate it up that's for sure, now he in turn pays him back 'mafia style' by endorsing the Don, by lending his gang of supporters (Bernard Kerik comes to mind me saying that) to join forces against the others. Gang mentality. Payback for services rendered.

It's all so obvious.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Laugh at RP again Mother F#$%er

When I think of Gooley, all I remember is that idiotic, disrepectfull chuckle every time RP was speaking. Smell ya later D' bag, I hope Mckilleverybody does'nt wear out your knee's too fast.

I didn't think it was so bad.

He at least Mentioned Ron, that's more than McCain did and conceded that he had some enthusiastic supporters.

The mayor is very good at quitting. He quit on wife number one

and then he quit on wife number two. He quit on his relationship with his son. Quitting the race is just par for the course. Ron Paul will have the last laugh.

We crashed his party in Naples

The Ft. Myers and Naples meetup groups crashed his party last week. We had a 10 ft. pole with a Ron Paul sign attached. When Rudy gave his speech he kept looking at the sign probably thinking "No not them again".I think Rudy in the end felt like the Mayor in the B movie "Turk 182".

Just think of it this way..

We don't have to listen to Eric Dondero tout Rudy as the 'frontrunner' or a 'libertarian' anymore!

Libertarianism = Live and Let Live — NOT Live and Let Die!

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unless he shows up as a McCain supporter

I mean, he has to do something...

Adios Cornholio

The 9/11 hero has left the building. Are you scared yet?? I thought so.


now we just need a Beavis and Butthead version

of McCain and Romney or McCain and Hillary or something along those lines. Duh, I'm a war hero

my take

Make no mistake Rudy is very angry right now at alot of people like the RNC, his own campaign staff who have completely failed him, the media.
I think he now understnds what Ron has been going through and he is giving Dr. Paul his props. Goodbye Rudy and good luck

Well, if he paid his campaign staff...

oops, I forgot. He ran out of money!

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****


7 down... Next...

I don't believe it was a stab

Like the time that Rudy acknowledged that Ron sure had a lot of enthusiastic supporters, this was, to me, an attempt at graciously conceding that Dr. Pauls' message consistently "rang" true with enough people, that his team never failed to out-cheer the others.

I may deplore Giuliani as a candidate, but I'll at least allow him the opportunity to try and redeem himself. His comments sounded a bit like self-depreciating humor. Ron Pauls' text-poll numbers, like his online post-debate question and answers, made it clear to Rudy, and those that laughed with him, that there was indeed an element of truth in his statement that, " Ron Paul won all the debates".

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Just A Quick Note To Say

Vote RON PAUL 2008
Yeah, I don't like the guy either but I feel what he did say about RON PAUL was truth, nevertheless. Certainly not something that one can dispute since everybody knows it also to be true. Yet he said it with a bit of dry humor in his voice, as an after thought, since he almost forgot to mention RON PAUL's name with the other big-time contenders -- just his way of expressing some twisted kind of humor is how I honestly took it. I saw his statement last night right before bed time, not a pleasant thing to see right before closing my eyes at day's end -- I'd much rather be seeing blue jays, butterflies, and blue skies than that sick-twisted smile of his.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

In touch with Reality

He was putting a spin on Pauls support, and supporters, besides the fact that he has none himself.
Its pretty clear right now if Rudy wanted to win he would be talkiong about the constituion its a hot topic right now.

He kinda said nicley that were dumb for thinking Paul was winning

Ding Dong the witch is dead : )

*happy monkey dance*

Now Guiliani knows what

Now Guiliani knows what "blowback" means.

..Guiliani who?..Oh, of "Blowback Mountain" you mean?..;-)

"In circuit motorsport, a driver has..."Paul position" when he or she starts a race at the front of the grid."

I liked it.

I liked it. I felt that Guiliani acted professionally and he was gracious to remember Ron Paul. He felt he was saying something nice about Ron Paul when he mentioned that Ron Paul won all the debates. On one hand he was saying it with wonder and on the other hand he was saying how wonderful it must have been to have so many energized supporters. In that sense he was saying he wished they were for him.

So I think it was nice that he said it and we can think kindly of him in the future.

Guliani Gave Us Two Thumbs Way Up!

His supporters laughed at the comment "he won the debates" because they thought the Ghoul was being sarcastic. But, I it seems like he really was sincere about that! He clearly gave a shout out to Ron Paul and the movement. Who would have thought that!


This is much ado about

This is much ado about nothing. Giuliani helped bring attention to Ron Paul and our movement. (Even if by accident.) Who cares what Rudy says, the man is a 100% traitor.