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Farmer Gets Surprise Inspection From Ag. Dept.~ Big Surprise!

Last summer a farmer by the name of Stewart Schlong was the subject of a surprise inspection.

The farmer composed himself and obliged the inspector's insistence to have a look around.

What really surprised and shocked the farmer was the fact that this inspector could actually communicate with each different animal in their native tongue!

So the first stop was the dairy barn; The inspector bent over and Moo'd into a Holstein's ear. The cow replied after a few seconds.
The farmer couldn't contain himself!
He asked the inspector what the cow said.
The inspector replied, "Well, she said that she gets plenty of grain. The grazing is excellent and she doesn't mind the milking machine at all."
"Wow!" said the farmer. And you could see he was proud of himself.

Next the inspector went to the pig pen and spoke with a few sows.
The farmer asked what they told him.
The inspector said, "They're all pretty happy here. They said they get plenty of feed and the mud is always just right."

By now the farmer was feeling really confident so he offered to show the inspector around even more.

But when the inspector told the farmer he wanted to talk to the one sheep on the farm, the farmer stopped dead in his tracks, turned around, looked the inspector in the eye and said, "You're not going to believe that lying bastard are you?"


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I have this vision of being at the edge of a cliff, with a rear leg inside each of my boots... then I hear the press screaming question at me... Mr. President, your not going to do this to the American people are you?... I say, I do wantever i want to.... fade to black...

Does that mean

If it gets pregnant he'll be raising sheeple?

Bestiality - Made me laugh :)

Funny :) Several years ago I worked with a Honduran who came here to study at LSU and shortly after married an American. We were talking about a case of animal abuse I heard about on the radio where the ACLU was defending the man involved. Apparently the man was accused of having sex with someone elses horse and the County prosecutor pressed charges of animal abuse. The ACLU lawyer was trying to get the case dismissed as no 'abuse' could be proven so the prosecutor said he would charge the man with Rape as he did not and could not get consent from the horse. :)

After a few minutes of sitting there jaw dropped, Ana spoke up and asked what this word 'bestiality' meant. I explained and she with a straight face said "you actually have a word for that?"

We all started dying laughing. I asked her what the word in Spanish was and she said there wasn't one. Her family were farmers, big farm, in Honduras, so I thought she'd know.

I can't believe we have 'beastie's here! ROFLMAO!

I obviously struck a nerve with all the down voting!

I downvoted

I see it's already headed down, so I thought I'd pile on and help make it a record negative vote.

Funny story, though.

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