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Hitler Gets Full Report on Keynesian Multiplier Destruction

By Mr. Tugwit the Terrible :


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nailed it at the

end there. hhahaha

HAHA..."The tax cut multiplier...

is nothing but an artifact. Just THINKING about taxing, and then not taxing, can't possibly multiply income and employment!"

So true. So true.

The argument is that reducing

The argument is that reducing taxes increases the wealth of all individuals by more than the amount of the reduction.

You're right...

and I totally get that.

I just thought it was funny because I can definitely see politicians claiming a "tax cut" by saying they IMAGINED higher taxes and decided not to do it.

In fact, that's exactly how they define "spending cuts"...they plan to increase spending a lot, and then end up increasing by slightly less than they planned, and call it a cut in spending ("draconian cut", no less).

I view the comment in the clip to be more of a jab against nonsense politician speak than the fundamentals of economic policy of cutting taxes.

Surrounded by Nincompoops, Hitler Descends Into Depression

This short clip from the movie, "Der Untergang" has been parodied so many times yet it is still comical. The cleverness of the authors in creating the various dubs in English to describe what the Fuehrer has to deal with in each situation still makes me laugh.

However I'm waiting for the creation of the pièce de résistance; a scene from the White House where the president chews out his staff regarding: the bailout of the commercial banks, the death of Osama Bin Laden, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Obamacare, etc. That would truly be hysterical. :)