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One Tree Hill

For me, this is one of the best songs and live performances. This song means a lot to me, and got me through some of the hardest times in my life. I hope you enjoy.


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I think of Bullet the Blue Sky...

when I think of Joshua Tree [after thinking of Gram Parsons :D], but for me they peaked on The Unforgettable Fire. A Sort of Homecoming and Wires are unsurpassed but for this one, the one I'm posting here because of its immaculately libertarian message. Oh, such profound passion for freedom [in 4th of July's wake]!

Really? :-O

I would disagree, I believe they peaked on Achtung Baby, even though it wasn't the same. Joshua is my favorite album, then War, and third Unforgettable Fire. The song Unforgettable Fire is probably my 3rd favorite by them, second Drowning Man from War, and then this song, One Tree Hill. Achtung Baby was a well written album and all the songs were good, that's why I say they peaked there, cause every album after that started to have songs that were either boring or just sucked. :-)

The Joshua Tree


The goal is SOUL.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona 1987. I had phenomenal seats at the rail on the second level looking right down on the stage. It was an experience I will never forget.

Here is the video of the opening song that night.


And another


One of the most powerful

One of the most powerful songs by my favorite band.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Bump for my all-time favorite U2 song..

I used to love U2 till Bono starting thinking he was God.






Always loved Joshua Tree

U2 at there best


All though War and Achtung Baby were great, Joshua Tree had the best atmosphere and lyrics