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Snowden at it again.

This is very interesting. My tin foil hat may just be useful after all.

Lets try this since peoples humor does not go very far...



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fck this link

any time I am subject to pop ups, intrusive crap... immediately eliminated as anything trustworthy.

Go straight to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your $200 for posting this.

No offense but this is flat out ridiculous. Should be posted under humor or not posted at all.

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My question is... Does any

My question is... Does any one on the DP have just a little bit of a sense of humor?


I do think it's pretty funny that you think that article is funny. So maybe a little bit.

It could also be that you mistake malicious weirdness for humor.

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At what, again? Surely no one gave him access to confidential materials that the authorities don't want shared. They're stupid, but not that stupid.

As for the information he took last year, he already gave it all to the press, so he doesn't have any more to leak.

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Fake story

Some anonymous jerk on the internet says "Snowden said this," and you believe him without a shred of proof? You don't need a tinfoil hat; there's nothing left of your brain to be damaged.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose


Unless the information is coming from The Guardian find it highly suspect. Idiots like these or perhaps disinformation agents only muddy the waters where the true story is bad enough.

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These sites that write fake

These sites that write fake stories for clicks are really stupid. What's the point of writing something 100% fake that's not satirical not funny just completely false?

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This was going around last

This was going around last year. I don't think Snowden ever said these things.

That said, I still believe they have some sort of mind control technology. I just don't know if it's HAARP or something else.