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Patriots of Florida

I read somewhere about a fight for freedom that started with about 3% support and a bunch "early losses". Fortunately, in that time there were wise freedom loving leaders who defended liberty over the accepted wisdom of the state...

I am honored by your dedication and support.

Low vote total? Not even close? I beg to differ!
50000 patriots stood together and voted principle over personality, substance over rhetoric and steak over sizzle. My surprise is in the fact 50000+ fought apathy encouraged by a sold out media, low poll numbers, a lack of communication from the campaign (until recently), minimal official campaigning, and likely being ostracized by those with "realistic" voting acumen.

You did not flinch and you won your freedom! Never again will you be swayed by media lies, follow the herd over the cliff, or think nothing can be done. This revolution is real and you have proven it.

Truly I am inspired. You have my gratitude. The minute the post is done I will make a donation in the name of the great Florida patriots and I solemnly swear to carry the torch you have passed on to Feb 5th and beyond.

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Thanks, but FL's fight's not-over


Until we get our signs north to other states. Please help by gathering all your signs (which will also help our image by keeping FL clean!) in one place. We need heroes to volunteer for the long drive. Just Brevard alone is already more than filling a small pickup truck, so this effort may require large trucks/UHauls. Please help. Miami/Keys/Naples people: Now's the time for a short visit to those Georgia/Alabama relatives!!


Yes with over 60,000 more Patriots voting for Dr Paul and voting for liberty, the tally even by the MSM reports (excluding Louisiana whcih we probably will never know how many votes Dr PAul got there) is now over 160,000.

Yes, there is a remnant of true patriotism, true love of country, true love of freedom. And this remnant is turning out to be made up of a whole lot more than most had ever anticipated!

Message from Mark Larsen - WWBA - Tampa

...this is the talk show host who blew up on Mitt & endorsed Ron Paul

I am so grateful for all of the response from Ron Paul supporters. You folks are awesome!

I have so many emails pouring in I cannot possibly thank everyone. I started early this morning trying to, at least, send a "Thank you, note to all -- but I can't keep up!!

Please blog this message on the boards, so everyone will know how grateful I am for the support. I don't know where to start.

Sorry my show isn't syndicated -- the networks won't have anything to do with me. I've been on the air here in Tampa Bay almost 30 years. I was the first one in this region to put Congressman Paul on the radio back in the early 90's, regarding the Federal Reserve.

Yours in Liberty
Thank you!! :-)

Mark Larsen, Morning Host
NewsTalk AM 1040 WWBA Tampa Bay
Listen to The Morning Magazine,
Weekday early mornings 6-9AM on
NewsTalk 1040 Tampa Bay

Bump so the morning FL crew

Bump so the morning FL crew knows we love them.


Jah Love! Namaste.

Jah Love!


61,000+ Florida Patriots

Quite a number when you think of it. 61,000 + soldiers is quite an army. Imagine all those Florida Patriots, they could fill a stadium. People of deep conviction. Not like the sheeple that voted for the power hungry elites, panderers and charlatans.

Our numbers may be smaller, but our convictions trump the simple minded votes of our unenlightened brethren. They will indeed follow us like the sheep that they are, when we rise up and decide to lead the way back to the constitution and a government of, by and for the people.

I will one day proudly stand along side all you patriots of Florida and other states, to lead the sheep away from the wolves they blindly follow, and take back this once great country .


I Think I Speak For All Florida Patriots...

This is just one of the 50 battles we will fight on the way to the convention. Many of the paper ballots will go Ron's way (another 10,000?)...and we will still keep giving money, blogging, writing articles and doing whatever it takes. Thanks to you guys for supporting us. We will return the favor in Maine and beyond...

By the way...view my post on the MATH OF FLORIDA to see how much money we made the MSM spend to crown a winner and shut down Rudy!

I agree....

We all know FL is not that big of a deal, with the loss of half our delegates. Couple that with the political apathy that seems to be prevalent here and we wouldn't have won anyways. So, I think Ron Paul was wise to not put much resources and capitol in to FL. I trust Ron Paul's judgement. I've been a supporter of his for years and the fight will, No, Must Go On. He has better odds in other states and still has money in the bank! The race has just begun! I too think I speak for All other FL patriots/ Ron Paul supporters when I say we are still here on the front lines with the rest of you and will be throwing money and support to you! Let's get this done. Our children's Liberty depends on it!

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin

"A free people ought to be armed." George Washington

"What kind of government have you given us?" Question by a woman to Ben Franklin. His reply, " A Republic,,, if you can keep it."

"...but let it not be said that we did Nothing." Ron Paul

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin

"A free people ought to be armed." George Washington

"What kind of government have you given us?" Question by a

That's the spirit. Our

That's the spirit. Our caucus process begins on February 5th, and I'm fired up. Dr. Paul must have the most delegates in at least five (5) states in order to be considered a nominee at the national convention. He was the victim of some dirty politics in NV and LA, but I will do all I can to help him win CO fair and square. Fair and square is endangered but not extinct.

RE: Patriots of Florida and letter to church leaders

I to applaud the dedication of all who have sacrificed time and money to show support for the only candidate for president who cares about America. Each one of us can not give up nor see our efforts as failing. I see some of us helping the states above us such as Georgia and Alabama and getting the vote out. Perseverance pays off. You cannot win a race by quick spurts it's slow and steady. Don't look back at what was look to what is to come! I also wanted to comment on some one's letter to churches. You might be able to shine the light on some but I find that as the Republican party has lost it's way so have our churches and their lack of concern to governmental affairs. When you ask people within the church realm who they are going to vote for we have gotten Hillary or Huckabee and then the I don't know and don't care attitude. Very small minded and are to into the positive feel good messages and to comfortable in their pews to research positions and ideologies. Maybe they'll have a light bulb moment and realize that Ron Paul is the true Conservative.(trying to be optimistic)

Thank you Florida patriots!!!

You did great!!!


We are going to need members in Congress that are more favorable to Ron Pauls message and ideas. Are there any stats/info on people running against incumbents in the house?

Like one of RP's economist

Like one of RP's economist said: Bravo, bravo, bravisimo. salute to you guys!

I think

we have a whole lot more votes sitting on all those paper ballots. There are still a million absentee and early votes to be counted. Doesn't it make sense that Ron Paul people would want a paper ballot?

Blessings )o(


and Bravo too!!!

You can look your children in the eye and be proud.

In Liberty's Cause

In Liberty's Cause

One Other Thing

This link is Florida's % of voters notice anything?


This shows total votes:


Based upon this, any logical minded person would conclude all votes are not tallied.

Detective Krum Investigates:

Looks like a lot of counties with large military populations

have not been counted. Why?


I believe Florida gives 2 weeks after and election for all overseas ballots to be in and then they count. The military usually sends in their votes on or around election day - maybe field service is the reason. Although, Florida has early and absentee voting. Don't forget, the military vote is what put Bush over the top. Could there be some playing with ballots (lost) ? Likely. Regardless, we are winning hearts and minds of Americans and we need to keep that rolling.

Detective Krum Investigates:


Bravo I'm in too

Detective Krum Investigates:

Great Job!

Over 60 thousand votes? What would it have been without you guys out there canvassing? Maybe like 6 thousand instead? 60,000 voices to be heard daily, waking up more people for the general election. Who knows? If he's not the nominee, he'll win by write in votes! Stranger things have happened! Great job people!

We're up to 60,000 votes

We're up to 60,000 votes now!

Thank you Florida Ron Paul supporters for everything you have done for the revolution!

Onward we march!

almost 61,000 now. good, no great job. fight, fight, fight on.

ron paul 2008

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
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