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Tip, When you get shot, fall with your fist closed and tucked in to your body.

That way, the first responders won't be stepping on your fingers and breaking them. Helpful hints for the next active shooter drill. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fake-blood-blanks-school... The "NEW" Standard?

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Some schools have found ways around the

traumatizing part of the requirement to do these drills.

My daughter's pre-school was supposed to be a church school but somehow they were still required to do them. They just did quiet time as far as the kids were concerned. Only the teachers knew a drill was going on.

My sister's kids go to a school that call them tiger drills. I guess tigers are pretty scary, but at least the teachers would be less grave and that would rub off on the kids.

I do agree with letting teachers hear what gunfire sounds like in their building. I could see that as useful to know for sure.

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Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Imagine my disappointment . . .

I was expecting this post to be serious advice to people shot by cops -- the tucked-in clenched fist would make it harder for the cops to plant a gun on you and pretend you were shooting at them.

Guess I'll have to get my daily paranoia fix from some other post.

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““It’s so hard to hear all of

““It’s so hard to hear all of [those gunshots] and not freak out,” she says.””

They used to teach firearms safety and proper shooting skills in public school. Now they teach kids to associate the sound of gunfire with gore and death and to try not to “freak out”, that is when they’re not humiliating the kids by punishing them for playing cops and robbers.

So the totality of the association these kids are learning to relate with guns are fear, death, and humiliation. Do you think this will leave an impact on their minds? Do you think the gun wielding agent of the state will have more or less power as a result of this ritual abuse?

Good observation.


I was thinking this would be

I was thinking this would be some biological trick that somehow prevented excessive bleeding.

99.9% of people are not going to be able to rationally think when getting shot or shot at. And I don't see why you should be concerned with your fingers being stepped on.

Crazy story.

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I was thinking that, too

I was all stoked about some new trick in survival.

Defend Liberty!

That is sickening.

Terrorizing the kids.
Accepting school shootings as a norm.
Graphic violence being taught at school.
Refusing to protect "victims" by locking them out of rooms.

Unbelievable. Have parents lost their minds?

My brother in law

teaches mass shooting training for schools and his competing companies director, teaches lockdown procedures in school. My brother in law has been fighting this very adamantly and believes in kids exiting the building. he says it is almost like the guy wants kids to lockdown in schools so more will die and he will keep his job security. I tell my son if someone is shooting in his school to find the nearest window and jump the hell out of it, if it is a couple stories up and you break your leg so be it. Make sure to tell your children if a shooter is in their school to find the nearest exit and use it, they are teaching our children to mass huddle and lockdown in rooms, screw that. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Yes, this is SICK.

It's gone too far. Besides the fact that this is
o "terrorizing the kids," and
o "teaching graphic violence at school" - only helping to desensitize an already desensitized *generation* of esp. boys, from violent computer games of the nature that the military uses to desensitize soldiers preparing for combat,
o in "accepting school shootings as a norm" - a.k.a. DUMBING DEVIANCE DOWN, it's helping to plant ideas.

It *is* sickening. And yes, parents *have* lost their minds. They've lost their MINDS to the power of gold in purchasing the latest SUV's and (no different than their children) the latest electronic toys; and also (no different than their children), their addictions to their computer screens and smartphones and social media.


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I wonder if they taught the first responders to wait in the

parking lot for six minutes like the cowards err cops in Sandy Hook.

You know - let them bleed out a little more, get a few more rounds off - make it BIG. No way gun control can get passed if only a few die - so hang out in your cruiser in the parking lot(maybe run the license plates of a few cars to see if you can write some tickets since that is really what you are paid to do), brush up on your facebook posts etc.

Then, take the time to suit up in your gestapo costume(because your safety comes before the children, so take the time to gear up) then wait around for all the "hero" press to start.

As of yet, the person or persons responsible for the stand down order(of which any decent cop on scene would have completely ignored and gone into the building right away) have not been punished or prosecuted in any way shape or form. That tells you all you need to know. Seems at the very least they would have been demoted - no?

What the hell.

Does a school need more than doors that can lock and a response plan? Who the hell is running this? oh. I see. Here it is at the bottom.

"Education coverage for NBCNews.com is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."

drills to prepare kids for

drills to prepare kids for more drills


duck and cover

sadly I think it's to make

them look better on camera for if it's not a drill