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Outernet: Providing information to the world from outer space for free

The Media Development Investment Fund is incubating its first project: Outernet, the world’s first truly global media delivery service.


“Outernet is the modern version of shortwave radio,” said founder Mr. Karim. “It uses leading-edge technology to address a deep social problem. As the world moves towards a global knowledge-driven economy, more than 3 billion people are excluded by cost, geography or jurisdiction. Outernet will increase opportunities for everyone to access digital news and information, allowing greater access to opportunity and education than anything that currently exists.”

Outernet will use a network of small satellites to transmit selected internet data – audio, video, text and applications – to any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including mobile phones, anywhere in the world at no cost. No other information channel allows for such a wide variety of content, or broadcasts on a genuinely world-wide scale.

“Outernet will bypass censorship, ensure privacy and offer worldwide access to information to everyone, including those who today are beyond the geographic reach of the internet or can’t afford it.” - MDIF CEO Harlan Mandel


Good news for the world if it works, but what will it keep the NSA out?