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*** How To Get Votes For Ron Paul *****

I posted this as a response to a point on this forum. I believe a new approach to viewers and voters is at hand. Here is what I posted:

The issue to most voters is not about the war it is the economy. Sure we understand how they co-exist however, most Americans don't understand.
You can't say well the war is the reason why the economy stinks.

Be persuasive. Get people to think. I believe in the American people. Think about this, what is more helpful? Well it is because of the war the economy is tanking and we're spending trillions on a war no one wants. Or?

My fellow Americans. I believe each of us has an ability to stop the economic downturn. We, working together, can strengthen our dollar, cut taxes improve health care and provide security. Through our joint efforts as Americans, we can recover. All I ask is for a fair shake. Just look at my voting record available at: (weblink) and you'll see you and I love our country.

We face changing times and working together, we will show the world, that we my friends, are Americans. Let's get it done. Join me as an American.