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TSA to implement new rules after Ethiopian copilot hijacks passenger plane to Switzerland.

GENEVA (AP) — It seemed like a routine overnight flight until the Ethiopian Airlines jetliner went into a dive and oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. Only then did the terrified passengers — bound for Italy from Addis Ababa — realize something was terribly wrong.

The co-pilot had locked his captain from the cockpit, commandeered the plane, and headed for Geneva, where he asked for political asylum, although authorities say a prison cell is more likely.


I understand that TSA is now considering a range of measures designed to make sure that this does not happen from a US flight. These might include.

1.) Giving keys to the cockpit door exclusively to the pilot. and making the door unlockable from the inside without the key.
2.) Requiring pilots to use special "pee bottles" in the cockpit that the copilot will then have to go empty.
3.) Requiring copilots to go to the bathroom at the same time as pilots.
4.) Having planes fly without copilots (a little more humane than 5.)
5.) Shooting dead all copilots at TSA checkpoints.

But TSA is still trying to figure out a way for this to allow them to do full cavity searches on hot... er "suspected" passengers.

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What if the pilot "hijacks"

What if the pilot "hijacks" the plane?? We've had 2 known incidents of cabin crew taking control of the plane. One went down in the Atlantic in a suicide mission and this one above. The only way to really avoid this possibility is to fully automate the cockpit. Of course automation brings new possibilities such as a "hijack by remote" which is actually a current possibility with the full fly-by-wire systems that have been in place for over a decade now. Personally I think such a system was used on 911 to fly those planes into the buildings, but hey, that's just me...

Beware the cult of "government"...


The only way to REALLY avoid this situation is not have an idiotic foreign policy that makes people want to come here and blow sh*t up like the Boston Bombers.

When is the last time Switzerland was under terrorist attack? What about Venezuela or Brazil? They don't get attacked because they mind their own friggin business and don't outright INVADE other sovereign soil.


The TSA will ban pilots and computers.;)