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The rescue of a magnificent eagle.


After persistent calls from a concerned Mora man, an injured bald eagle was successfully captured this afternoon and brought to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center for treatment.

Jerry Williams of Mora noticed the great bird in a field behind his home. He said his first reaction was to get his small dog inside and out of danger from the bird, but once he realized the bird was injured and unable to fly, Williams immediately began making calls to get the bird rescued.

The Raptor Center responded and sent transport volunteer Terry Headley to the Williams' home to capture the bird.

Headley set out with a plan to approach the bird from the side, steering him away from a thicker stand of trees and brambles. As she got closer, the eagle took notice and floundered out of sight.

"He's a runner", called Headley as she chased down the bird that was half-heartedly hopping through thick brush between corn fields.

Even though Headley recently had hip replacement surgery and was armed with nothing but a thick pair of gloves, she was able to snatch and restrain the bird quickly.

Within seconds Headley was cradling this immense raptor in her arms like an infant."You are beautiful", she assured the eagle.

After quickly looking the eagle over, Headley determined the bird was a female and had injuries to her feet likely from territorial fights with another female. Headley also said the bird's wing was either broken or dislocated which could have been caused by fighting with other eagles or perhaps from being hit by a car.

After walking back through muddy fields, Headley loaded the bird into a small crate with the help of Williams and his wife Lynne.

Williams said the eagle was taken to the raptor clinic at the University and inspected by doctors this evening, who reported she was also suffering from lead poisoning and a heart murmur in addition to the broken wing. With treatment, doctors said they hope she will heal and be flying within a month. Great news!

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That is an awesome photo, made me smile

She looks like she's talking to the eagle and holding him just like I do my cats (minus the leg hold). :)

That's a big ole bird.

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big ole bird

big ole bird