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What Ron Paul said about Florida!

For all of you that think Florida was important you missed your newsletter from Ron in his newsletter he quotes......... "So, while the media will focus on the results from Florida, and probably take down the campaign of my friend Rudy in the process, those results are less important to you and me. Let them fight in Florida while we bring our message to Americans in other areas, like the economically hard-hit state of Maine. We want to win as many delegates to the Republican National Convention as possible, even if other campaigns don't see some areas of the country as "important. But in this work, I need your help.

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Why I think Ron got few votes here in Florida

Let me tell you, I am a precinct capt. as well as an assistant coordinator here in my county. We busted our asses here canvassing, putting up signs and sign waving. I was a bit pissed when he got so few votes. Then someone pointed out something to me I didnt even think about. Florida has a very high percentage of retired military people. I myself spoke to several retired military and they did say they were voting for JM no matter what. So I would say thats why Ron was focussing in other places. I remember passing the local convention center here when JM was visiting and driving through the parking lot.. there were hundreds of retired military tags on vehicles. Nonetheless, I will continue to proudly keep my Ron Paul stickers all over my 4Runner and I wear my Ron Paul hat everyday!

Go Ron, I will stand behind you...no Beside you right where you want us to be.

The older, retired military remember what it was like to proud t

be in the military, and know nothing of what today's young men are going through. They truly see getting out is like waving a white flag. They don't seem to know exactly what the war is about and still trust the govt.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I think the Doc is right on track

even though it's pretty disheartening to see such paltry poll results in Florida. Sometimes I think we're getting just what we deserve. Nobody can see through the Rose Colored Glasses of Socialism anymore. Let's take it all the way to the convention, and let's have a huge show there. That will be our last chance to whip the masses to their senses and rally around someone who can actually beat the Democrats and reel in this runaway government.

alan laney

Has he been wrong yet

I have every confidence in Paul. Has he been wrong about any part of this campaign yet? Every candidate admits that it's an uphill battle. Probably the only thing Paul was wrong about was that he underestimated the support he would get. I'm not one bit surprised he's done as well as he has given the circumstances and I'm in it to win it. I think his strategy, if we are behind it 100%, will prove successful. Win a handful of states, probably after supertuesday, secure a place at the convention, and hopefully by then (it is in fact 7 months away) a tidal wave of support will be on our side. If we keep growing like we have been, and continue recruiting new supporters all throughout the spring and summer we can actually win this even with a small amount of delegates at this time.

I know this is petty.....

I know that looks are not important, but at the last debate RP looked
tired. I hope he takes a nap so he can look refreshed.

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freeedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decison. I don't see why with all our resources we have, and all our people al

I will support him to the end too

I hope everyone who supports RP and the message of liberty will fight for him and donate to his efforts to the end. Let's show the OM and the status quo that we are not going away and that we truly believe in the cause. Do not let them win (Faux News, MSNBC, the GOP,Reason,etc) by convincing us to stop supporting RP.

To the end, I will support

To the end, I will support Ron Paul with donations and work.

It's the next best thing to punching the owners of the corporate media in the head.

Meet the Delegates

Remember Delegates are only promised for the first round of voting. Paul needs to PERSONALLY meet as many delegates as he can, starting with the ones promised to those that dropped out to gauge how well this approach works. Its difficult but doable.

State by state?

My understanding was that delegates were bound by state rules, which vary from state to state. I think my state says you can change your vote only if your guy comes in last place.


btw, EDWARDS is OUT this morning...

So, it's now just CLINTON, or OBAMA


Vote RON PAUL 2008
It came as Edwards was dogged by negative coverage of his personal wealth, including his construction of a 28,000-square foot house, his work for a hedge fund that advised the superrich and $400 haircuts.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

This is great news because Edwards voters will go to Obama or RP

I had been worrying that Hillary Clinton was "paying" Edwards to take votes away from Obama. If they were for Edwards, they were against Clinton. Their votes are now free to go to Obama or RP.

EXPECT the debate to be GREAT tonight....for Dr. Paul

We believe Dr. Paul's ship is in the midst of changing, after the turn in the rudder not long ago, the ship is turning against the tide of the Republican candidates.

Any SANE Republican, for example, CANNOT vote for McCain just based alone on his arrogant stance on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION with Ted Kennedy. Remember the Amnesty Bill----thousands of Americans were outraged to the point they broke the phone system at Capitol Hill that day. There is NO way Republicans who know about this *one* issue will vote for him. I say, "No delegates". There will be LOTS of chatting going on at the convention, and you can bet on that.

My husband and I are set, as committee woman and committee man and will be voting in our state! We've never done this before, and I hope all the rest of Ron Paul supporters are ready to jump. The Media Moguls have NO clue how many people for Ron Paul have signed up to be delegates throughout the states. Only Ron Paul supporters are THAT determined. They do not want us controlling any part of that convention, but they are helpless to do anything about "us".

Even though many are discouraged at the malicious treatment of Dr. Paul by the Media, life has a way of the proverbial "turning on a dime"...

Best Question to

Best Question to McCain..Please tell the American People how many lobbyists and other special interest groups have contributed to your campaign?

The flame will not be quenched...

... the fire has only recently been lit... upward and onward...

Plano TX

To infinity!

To Infinity!

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.

Thanks, Florida

You guys did a great job with the signs there. You had nooooooo help from media or papers. Thanks for all you did. I am perfectly content.

Very wise is he Obi-Ron

Very wise is he Obi-Ron Kenobi.

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

Now on to defeat Darth McCain and Darth Romney...lol

Loved the Obi-Ron nickname...from one "ninja" to another :-)

www.ClubNIN.com :-)

LOL...that is awesome!

Help us Obi-Ron Kenobi your our only hope!

I don't bump anything...

but I'll bump this one so everyone will know that we weren't trying to win this one.

Pick your battles wisely.


We need to keep pushing hard.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


How amazing would it be if Rudy Shocked the world and endorsed Dr. Paul?


not quite

He did say smartasslike that we won all the debates (txt polls)

He is endorsing McCain. Good Riddence Rudy.

(We worked like maniacs here in Jax, FL)

Shocked that McCain beat Romney here. Romney was the only other campaign pushing major signage and working the polling places today.

$30 mil of Romneys treasure chest down the drain: priceless!

Yup. That's a sign.

Ronmney spent $30M in FL and lost. He's starting to realize he can't just buy the election.

That's why the focus is now on Juan Insane McCain instead. Rudy's endorsement is the kiss of death--one mob-tied corrupt politican endorsing another, neither of which have an economic clue, both of which are hawks on the wrong side of the war, both of which are enemies of the First Amendment, and both of which are unfit to be President.

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

The Old Media has been

The Old Media has been working hard over the last two decades to paint McCain as a "moderate" and "more sensible". It's just taking time for the paint to peel away so people can see him for what he really is.

In the upcoming debates with fewer candidates debating, this will be Dr. Paul's chance to get out the paint solvent and wash away the deception.





There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Big Bump


The Bumpster

Don't just bump this... BUMP IT HARD!!!

The Good Dr has done this longer than some of us (ok, some of you;-( have been alive.

Remember his comments about running as a third party candidate in 1988 and how unfair the system is. I suspect he has thought about this LONG AND HARD over the years and I love the idea!


DONATE... CANVASS... AND RECRUIT!! and do it like Dr Paul would... We have to reflect the Character and Values of RON PAUL... not of WyoWill or anyone else.

Be Blessed

wants are unlimited, means are scarce...

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***

No 3rd party.......

Ron Paul will NOT run as a 3rd Party candidate. It's a losing battle.
We must put all our effort NOW. It's now or never!!!!!!!!

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freeedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decison. I don't see why with all our resources we have, and all our people al