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Yes, I have a problem with authority.

My eyes are open now. It takes one kind of monster to kill from a distance. It takes another kind of monster to kill, slowly, in person, after breaking someone's spirit first.


WARNING: These documented events may be disturbing.



The idea that our own overlords could have crafted the destruction on 9/11/01 is now mild in comparison. Prepare yourself. The pretenders are reaching desperation.

Some people wonder why we didn't see the dollar become worthless by 2010 or why we haven't seen a chaotic end to our way of life already. One factor is that our country is starting its descent from such a very high, powerful spot and has a long way to fall. Another factor is that there are so many true loving kind peaceful generous patient people here still, and they constitute the real wealth that the country still has.

Prepare yourself. There's going to be a loud bang. We'll have to carry on, but it will be okay. There's still light in this world.

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