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ABC News 20/20 Crew Sets Up Sting: NC Police Officers Caught Speeding! Video

Incredible! This video speaks for itself... But the speeding cop at 4:15 is heading to... Dunkin' Donuts!


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Honestly, speed limit laws are COMPLETELY USELESS ..

Cops know it and most average people who drive know it!!!


Which is.....

Speed Limit LAWS ARE DESIGNED TO GARNER REVENUE and impose unduly control on the citizenry.

Cops KNOW they are not applicable to them, except in EXTREME RARE circumstances.

Soooo what... the cop was doing 75 mph in the first instance in this video. Which is 10 Mph OVER the speed limit.


It should be irrelevant as much for the average guy as it is for the average cop... Period!!!

Stop the USELESS enforcement...

Now, WRECK LESS DRIVING, endangering the lives of others... THAT'S a WHOLE different story!!!

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

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Faith in God will prevail all things!

Laws are just threats of force

Laws are just threats of force, they have nothing to do with right and wrong... no story here, other than people just don't get it, that they appointed these thugs, and thugs can do anything they want. It really is sad, it is like some children that set fire to something with matches and then decided to do a report on it, being surprised that what they lit on fire is burning.

Cut The Poor Cop Some Slack

There's nothing worse than getting to Dunk'n Donuts late and discovering they're all out of your favorite Bavarian Kremes again. Don't ya just HATE when that happens?

ABC seems to be saying they want the cops to slow down

I'd rather the point be about the hypocrisy of fining and punishing mundanes (Will Grigg's term for citizens) for ordinary travel.

The ABC chase cars were clearly speeding too.. sometimes in excess of 80 mph. The drivers never seemed worried that they were going to die, or kill innocent bystanders.

These cops were not observed driving dangerously, just at speeds that would otherwise put them at risk for license suspension.

To end the story with the tragedy of killed youth is a bit disingenuous given that ABC deployed its own speeding chase cars for no good reason (other than info-tainment). No different than the dastardly speeding cops they were unhappy with.

The point is that speed limits are artificial. And speed trap ticketing operations are just abusive.

I'm voting for Peace.

It's about the


Just last week

I saw a cop who was doing at least 90 in a 65 down 74...he pulled off...and because of traffic stopping him from pulling out..I ended up behind him...next thing I know he hangs a hard left, almost hitting another car who had the light. I guess it was his lunch time..he pulled straight into...McDonalds thru
Around Christmas we saw a lot of Social Services cars (they are marked here) speeding, only to be found at either WalMart or the grocery store...Cops don't stop them from speeding....2 weeks ago a CPS worker was in her car at WalMart..ASLEEP.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

1st cop: Your eyes are red. Have you been drinking?

2nd cop: Your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

awesome job ABC News

Incredible how they had both a cop on his way to Dunkin Donuts and a Driving Instructor Highway Patrolman who was the most reckless.

Sadly I doubt anything really changes.

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I see police breaking the

I see police breaking the traffic laws quite regularly. No signal lights, speeding with no flashing lights or siren, I've even seen police illegally parking on private property in order to hide their cars to catch speeders. They actually parked on someone's private property without permission! The property owner finally parked a spare vehicle to block them from parking there any longer!

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I have a friend, Mark, that

I have a friend, Mark, that also had a problem with police using his personal property without permission. Mark didn't use a spare vehicle though; he gathered up fresh road kill and disposed of it in that area for about a week. Needless to say they quit parking there :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
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LOL- I had a state trooper park in my driveway

to run radar.
I very carefully walked up to the cruiser, making sure to draw attention to him as not to startle him and politely asked if to not use my driveway for such purposed.
In his defense - he was just as polite back to me and did not try to pull any bull crap. He did try to bait me into telling him why I didnt want him there - but I really just felt the time for that discussion was AFTER he left - not while sitting there. He was kind of shocked and said that he had never had someone ask him to leave before and that most people were happy when he sat in their driveways to slow cars down. I politely told him that I have my reasons and it was nothing personal against him, I just would prefer he left.

He did leave and didnt give me crap.

had this happen to me

I lived in a small condo building which could be mistaken for apartments. I told the officer that I didn't want him hiding in my driveway trying to catch speeders. He said something about it being apartments and I said no, I own the condo. And he left.

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Thank you.


Google is government.

The investigating cop's name is...

...Jeff Gordon LOLOLOL

Dunkin' donuts

LOL! It is just too perfect.

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When I was in college in

When I was in college in Boston I witnessed a police car run a red light and make a quick right at the next red light. I walked around the corner and there was the car pulling alongside the donut shop. Yes, it really happens.