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Support N.J. Police Chief(s)?

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Short Version:


Police Chief 'Not for Sale' placed on leave

“That’s exactly it,” Behre said when reached by phone. "They can do what they want but I find it interesting that when a chief of police tries to protect his department, instead of taking my concerns seriously and forward them up to the Attorney General's Office, they relieve me of my duties."


Behre said he won’t sit quietly while the council and mayor ignore police protocol and public safety.

“This police chief’s position does not belong to the mayor and council and does not belong to me - it belongs to taxpayers,” noted Behre, to loud applause from the public.

“Over the last few months our chief of police retired because of political interference.

Another captain walked out last week. On March 1 we are losing 100 years of administration (police) experience.”

As per this police chief’s state of mental health, this reporter respectfully wishes to clarify what seemed crystal clear on the public tape (channel 35, click here): Acting Police Chief James Behre reacted to what he has experienced, as a trained police officer, as any healthy human being who supports the constitution of the United States would react, with an open, outing of the details and alleged illegal actions by a councilman, with communication to the public and his own family, and with a strong statement to the the Mayor, council, public and Attorney Generals’ office.



Dept. History Problem

P.D. Website:


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