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Amnesty McCain uses liberals to win

Amnesty McCain uses liberals to put him over the top.

What you can glean from the exit polls.

85% of Huckabee's support comes from Evangelicals

Liberals put McCain over the top of Romney.

Rudy's strategy was flawed. (I don't think he stood a chance from the get go)

Romney's the only 'top tier' candidate left that Republicans believe is 'tough' on illegals.

The anti-Bush voted McCain.

So what does this all mean?

Well if Rudy as expected backs McCain and the Huckster is in McCain's corner, the question is how much money does Romney want to spend when it's pretty evident he odds are way stacked against him unless he can really rally the base.

and there is an opening for RP. McCain got the vote for the people who thought the economy is bad, despite his I'll stay in Iraq for a hundred years even if it bankrupts us. Hopefully a win in Maine can shake things up.

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