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Scahill: Drone program targeting people based on computer intelligence systems with no human judgement or oversight.

Via Trevor Lyman's Liberty Crier. Some of this was also covered in goldenequity's earlier post here on the DP: Death by Metadata


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Great interview,

and their new venture sounds very exciting.


Targeted for a "pre-crime"?

This is insane.

So what is your take on Greenwald's new outfit?

Scahill and Greenwald have formed this new outlet with former ebay creator. And James Corbett and BoilingFrogsPost have bashed this outlet for questionable intentions.

What do you guys think? Do you trust this new outlet?

I don't trust it

The more I see this unfold the less I trust Greenwald and Scahill. I'm not 100% convinced they're phonies but I do smell a rat. I'm less sure what I think about Snowden. I give him a chance to be legit but I wouldn't be surprised if he weren't.

As an aside, one thing that hasn't really been harped on much is why would Snowden reveal himself when he knew it would lead to foreign governments wanting to capture him (to get the info) just as much as the US government. It's not like being out of the country would, in theory, protect him. Yet from the little I've heard about what his life is like, it sounds like he's just living a normal life in Russia (trying to get a job, etc).

They should hire william

They should hire william binney full time as their system admin, doing "sweeps" of their systems, i seriously doubt no one at the "spy/peeping tom" agencies has not thought about peeping on this new venture

and if somethings found, report on it

Excellent video, well worth watching.

Thanks for sharing.

Dear US Citizens, We now

Dear US Citizens,

We now have a massive computer program that scans all your data and can come to the conclusion you are a threat in which we can terminate you. This computer system has been developed for years and is fool proof.


The Federal Government

P.S. We are terribly sorry you have not been able to sign on to the Obamacare exchange and the site is constantly down. Mistakes were made in development of the computer program but we have a team working on it as quickly as possible.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

If anyone

Has seen the new RoboCop the movie is completely based around this idea of drones killing people without human oversight.