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Ultra Rare Poster on Ebay - Raising Money for 51 Years

I'm inspired by the concept behind the Feb 1 Fifty One Years moneybomb. Dr. Paul & Mrs. Paul are a wonderful, wonderful sweet couple. So I wanted very much to donate to the campaign on February 1st. The only problem is, I'm maxed out! But guess what - my wonderful wife isn't! So here is the plan:

As some of you may know, I had 500 limited edition posters printed up that I'm selling as a fundraiser to cover expenses & upgrades at the Daily Paul. Well, due to a printer error (or gift!) eight of these posters - #493 - #500 - were printed with a red necktie. They are the only eight of their kind in existence! I put one of them - Poster #496 up for sale on Ebay:

Whatever the current bid is on February 1st, that is how much my wife Samantha and I are donating to the campaign on that day. The auction ends on Super Tuesday, so I'll donate the balance of whatever the poster sells for when the auction closes, in time to contribute to the Campaign's goal to raise $5M by Feb 5. If you'd like to place a bid - please do so with the knowledge that 100% of the sale price - up to $2,300 - is going to the campaign. Anything in excess of that figure (am I dreaming or what?) will go towards site upgrades. I'll have an update on how that is going tomorrow.

I know this is a site about Dr. Paul, but below is a picture of Samantha and I, if you're curious.

I was born in Seattle, and am half Japanese and half Norwegian-American. My wife was born in Taiwan, which is where we met when I was living there from 2003-2005, working at the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The picture above is one of our wedding pictures. It is a traditional Taiwanese pose, and it always cracks me up because it looks like we're mad at each other - though we are definitely not! We're very happy and I hope that we live long enough to have a 51 year anniversary, though we'll be considerably older than Dr. & Mrs. Paul. I'll be 91 and Samantha will be 90!

Happy Anniversary Dr. & Mrs. Paul!
Love from Michael & Samantha

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$1801.00 at 3:08 central time Saturday

Wish I could afford it as it will definitely appreciate in value over time.

Hmm! Brilliant $1525 last time I looked, .... so if..........

We can exchange carbon tax units we can exchange contributions?
I'm doing what I can. But my daughter has no way of using her contribution amount.
I will be lucky to do the whole 2300 for myself (but I'm trying).
So can't give her anything to give to Ron Paul.
Maybe I could Ebay some rubbish that she donates to RP.
Winner gets the rubbish and the RP thank you e-mail.
Things are only worth what the two parties feel they are.
Roman soldiers were once paid in salt as it was more valuable than gold (can't eat it).

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so creative! Hope it goes wild!

Two words

Thank you

Michael and Samantha

You make a wonderful couple. Before you know it you'll be celebrating 51 years of marriage also. Time sure does go fast. Your wife must be very proud of you with the wonderful site you have let us use and what a great job you have done with it. I love your wedding picture as you two make a lovely couple. I'm sure Dr. Paul appreciates all the hard work you have done for him.




I'm so glad that you love each other .... and Ron Paul!

A great pair!


This is a wonderful photo of you and your wife. Here's wishing both of you, at least, 51 happy years together.

Thanks for all you do for freedom!



Keeping the profit

So, you're telling us that you're keeping 100% of the profit over $2300 because of campaign finance laws? Or you're planning to violate campaign finance laws?

Michael Nystrom's picture

Towards the Daily Paul

Anything over $2,300 - should it go for that much - will go towards maintenance & upgrades to this website. Running it isn't cheap.

He's the man.

That is completely fair. I

That is completely fair. I agree that you should do that.

Thanks for all the hard work on DP!

Just think how your children will love and laugh at your great wedding picture!.

Liberty Freedom Peace

Liberty Freedom Peace

Beautiful wedding

Beautiful wedding picture.
the pic of ron paul im sorry to say this but the first thing i read in this pic is

ULTRA RARE red neck.

thought i would just point it out

This is GENIUS!

A good way to recycle maxed out donors. Get them to throw money to this. I suggest more people do this, It's a great way for those with extra money to continue to finance the official campaign.

Ron Paul 2008

Investigate Zoo Hypothesis

great photo!

It looks so timeless -- and thanks for all your hard work on Daily Paul!

Beautiful Picture

Beautiful Couple



Thanks for all the work you have done and continue to do here on the DP, and good luck on the poster auction!

May you have at least 51 years with your beautiful wife!


Mazel Tov!

To you and your wife. May you celebrate a hundred anniversaries.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

great looking couple

I definitely like your pose.

Thanks for the website.

do you

still live in Seattle?

We ARE America....

This poster would look great, next to my #298.
Thank you for all you do.

Rx: For America


Definately not the picture I had in my head of you all this time lol