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Man’s Back Surgery On Hold As Doctors Deny Covered California Coverage


“It’s like we’re a second-class citizen,” she said. “We can’t get the coverage we need.”

SONORA (CBS13) — A Sonora mechanic is in so much pain that he can barely walk, but he can’t seem to find a doctor to fix his ailing back after he and his wife switched their insurance coverage through Covered California.

Chris Dunn reached out to CBS13 hoping we could get answers.

He needs his surgery yesterday. But instead of scheduling his date, he and his wife are navigating a confusing maze of doctors and insurance plans.

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My sister's family

thought they were the rare benefactors of Obamacare since they were finally able to switch plans after pre-existing conditions were keeping them locked in. Now, it turns out they have to go to the other side of a big city to find a doctor that takes their coverage or go the the ER. They went from having the doctor access only the upper-middle class has in our state to taking on a privatized version of the nearly non-functional Medicaid available in our state. Well, I guess at least the rich in our state get a chance to see for themselves that "there are programs to take care of those people" doesn't mean there's not a need to contribute to charity or look more closely at just what those programs their taxes support really do, or rather don't do.

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I personally know how much

I personally know how much back injuries can suck (two car wrecks) but
what the heck did they expect? For the life of me I can't understand why people don't research what they're buying; stay as far away from the ACA (Obamacare) as you can.

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Oh, I feel bad

for that fellow when the back goes the pain is unbearable.

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