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Ukraine Updates (It's over. collect the dead, go home)

LIVE central Kiev...........Updates

East Meets West
►The game changes when the peasants are armed too... this is not going to end well. Full Civil War may WELL induce Global implications. EU/US is threatening sanctions /Russia sees it as the East meddling in THEIR backyard. If Ukraine calls for Russian 'protection' as neighboring satellite block countries are.. then look out.
Paul Craig Roberts: US and EU are paying Ukrainian rioters and protesters
Crimean Authorities Want Russian Protection and Assistance
"US/EA and Russia relations has vanished like snow before the sun. It's far worse than the missile defence system they were planning in Poland. We're talking about messing with Russia's sphere of influence. We're looking at an old fashioned west/east proxy (civil) war and the stakes couldn't be higher."

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Have you seen

I just posted this video. It moved me to tears.



Reminds me a bit like Kony 2012

Reminds me a bit like Kony 2012. I think the issue is far more complicated.

I am really having a hard

I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around the big picture. What is going on here?

I guess that's a wrap...

'Peace deal' being proclaimed as 'EU-mediated'

Polish foreign minister filmed telling rioters
“If you don’t support this, you will have martial law, you will have the army, you will all be dead,”

So...Under the obvious (US/EU instigated) DURESS..
The Ukrainian parliament has (NOW) voted to:
jail release Yulia Timoshenko former Ukrainian PM
suspend Vitaly Zakharchenko as Interior Minister
provide unconditional amnesty for all involved
restore the constitution of 2004

Only in the western press,
in a SINGLE day... could one:
sign an armistice with rioters,
pledge to modify the Constitution,
initiate early elections,
modify the Penal Code
and vow to release an EU puppet/tyrant politician from prison
have the EU and US exclaim this as a 'historical democratic victory' for Ukraine and NOT simply call it what it is...
a coup d'etat.
Congratulations.. and the Ukraine economic black hole remains.
They're broke.

My head is spinning, really.

It's deja vu all over again....

Trying to figure out what is really happening in Ukraine is like trying to figure out why anyone would vote for either Obama or Romney in the last election.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Ukrainian Opposition Capture the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant

also see: Why is China entering a nuclear security pact with Ukraine?

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd


Panic-stricken Ukrainians storm shops, banks and gas stations. They fear the worst is yet to come.


Everyone holding their breath... latest update

Three opposition leaders have gathered at the presidential headquarters in Kiev and are ready to sign a proposed agreement with Viktor Yanukovich on resolving the crisis.

The Maidan opposition council has backed a draft agreement.

Leader of opposition UDAR party Vitaly Klitschko told the German newspaper Bild that the opposition will sign the peace deal
that further talks with protesters are needed. "I told the German foreign minister I would personally appeal to protesters before signing."

The coalition government in Ukraine is set to be formed in 10 days, regional MP Vladimir Oleynik told RIA-Novosti, quoting the draft of the peace deal on which the lawmakers are set to vote later on Friday.

The EU has started to develop sanctioning measures against Ukraine, but their implementation will depend on the situation in the country.

Russia still undecided about a $2-billion bailout for Ukraine. Moscow is waiting for clarity from the government.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich has declared early elections and a return to the 2004 Constitution.

If you're having a hard time wrapping your head around this...

Our 'brain' wants to support the People aka the 'protestors'.
Just use the term 'Professional Protestors'.. and it helps.
This is NOT 'Freedom v. Tyranny'.. this is a de-stabilization campaign
Think Libya, think Syria...

The hypocrisy coming from Obama's lips is staggering.. using words like 'Democracy' 'Peaceful Protests' 'Tolerance'..
Now think back to the treatment of REAL peaceful protests like Occupy Wall Streeters and No War With Syria being hauled off and beaten and jailed.
The Restraint shown by the Ukraine gov't would NEVER happen here.
It would be a slaughter by our militarized Police.




Update a/o Friday 5:00am EST

Police now forced out of the Ukrainian parliament building

Government's looming counter-terrorist operation in the country has been called off.

75 have died in the street violence
565 people sought medical help, 410 of whom were hospitalized.

16 security forces have died
130 security forces personnel have sustained gunshot wounds

Deputies vote to bring back the national 2004 constitution, seriously limiting presidential powers in favor of parliament. Parliament would have the power to form a government.

Another major issue on the agenda is adopting a new amnesty decree.

Ongoing 8 Hr Negotiations w/ Ukrainian presidential administration include:
Opposition leaders, German Foreign Minister, Polish Foreign Minister, and Russian ombudsman Vladimir Lukin.

Protestors say they will not accept any peace treaty and demand Yanukovich's immediate resignation and trial.

Ukraine Parliment Brawl

There are (now) NO more Security Forces inside the Parliment... behold:


Washington Destabilizes Ukraine Using NGO's (CIA 'fronts')

Paul Craig Roberts on 'National Endowment for Democracy' - a decades old State Dept destabilization campaign using NGO's to destabilize Eastern Europe.
►PCR marvels: "How can the Ukrainian duped 'masses' NOT understand that they are being USED by 'special interests' at the COST of their own independence?"


Stay Out of It...

video update 4:20 EST

Update 4:20 EST Thursday

1 hr ago:
The truce that lasted a few scant hours has been broken.

Current Shootout
Protesters and security forces are clashing on Kiev’s Independence Square and a shoot-out is going on inside the Ukraine hotel between protesters and security forces.
Ten bodies were lying on the ground covered by blankets on Kiev's Independence Square, "They were all civilian" cited by Reuters photographer.
1 officer killed, 29 wounded
The 3-thousand strong crowd is currently pushing the security forces further back. Over 20 security forces have been wounded after a sniper shot at the officers.
An evacuation has been announced at the Ukrainian parliament MPs and other staff are leaving the building.
Several hundred government supporters have gathered near the parliament building, ready to “defend the constitution”

The parliament building is essentially unguarded.

Rioters having no clear demands and keep pushing for the president’s resignation.

Tuesday Toll
157+ police officers have have sought medical help.
185 protesters have asked for medial help.

5 soldiers had been shot, wounded in central Kiev.
7 civilians died in the unrest on Tuesday; Five from gunshots; two from heart attacks.

not ONLY..

were we (already) intervening covertly with arms and funding and State dept manipulations/arm twisting (remember the F*ck em 'leaked' diplomat tapped phone dialog?)

today McCain is rush drafting a 'sanctions bill'..
Kerry is announcing it..
minutes ago now..

US President Barack Obama has threatened the Ukrainian government with “consequences” if the violence continues and the Ukrainian military steps into the conflict, Reuters reports.

Russian has not been passive either..
Putin was doing covert ops with Spetznaz troops as far back as November.

The people will suffer

I believe many there simply want more liberty

But sadly they are just pawns.


SteveMT's picture

Enter Obama with threats to Ukraine about "Crossing The Line"

President Obama Warns Ukraine Against "Crossing The Line"
The US is adding its $0.02 to the international condemnation of the actions under way in Ukraine - desparate to re-write Victoria Nuland's narrative of "f##k the EUR" and political manipulation. President Obama, having not learned his lesson the last time he drew a red line, has come out swinging...


Of course, it's unclear if open military action against civilians is 'crossing the line' but we await Putin's response.

oh no..

not another 'red line'... get the duck tape on Barry the 'mouth'.

He's trying to look like a leader

He's not so good at it. Not that the U.S. should be involved, anyway.

I wonder if there are Provocateurs hired by the U.S. in the crowd, or whether some Ukranaines have just had it with the BS, and figure its better to go down swinging.


your answer Here

Anyone objecting to the militarization of police in the USA

please consider that it is a process of distributing weapons out into the hinterland, with the unintended consequence of these weapons being available to be confiscated by rebels when the time comes.

Gun confiscation, it seems, works both ways.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

It was a consideration when I choose the

self defense weapon. Its a good feeling to know that the Gov has plenty of resupply for me when the s hits the fan.


ecorob's picture


Those 2.5 BILLION bullets will be in the hands of Patriots when the payment system for the hired "goons" collapses.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

great strategy..

"The United States and the European Union are discussing the possibility of imposing sanctions on Ukraine “to try and create conditions for compromise,” Reuters reports, citing US Secretary of State John Kerry."

You can't make this stuff up.. **shakes head**

SO where is everyone on this

The EU is an economically tyrannical organization, but the Ukrainian government is wholly corrupt, and worthless, and deserves being thrown out.

The US is certainly making trouble, and interjecting themselves in this fight.

But you can't turn your backs on the Ukrainian people.

I think I'm with the Euromaidaners

I say we just mind our own business.

Stay out of foreign entanglements. Wait... didn't so Doctor say something similar? Some older gentleman... what's his name????

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

Yeah, as a nation

but as an individual, there is nothing wrong with standing up for someone else you think is being wronged.

the 'people'...

are simply what's for dinner.
The 'Lamb's opinion' really matters little to the wolves.