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Georgia Cop Executes Christopher Roupe; 17, “Armed” With Nintendo Controller

EUHARLEE, GA — A 17-year-old young man set to graduate high school in a few months and join the Marines, is now dead because a cop felt a Nintendo Wii controller was threatening.

This horrific murder took place around 7:35 p.m. this past Friday night in Euharlee – a small town of about 4,000 residents in Northwest Georgia. A press release by Euharlee cops says two of their employees showed up at 937 Euharlee Road, Lot 5 to “serve probation violation warrants.” Cops said Mr. Christopher “Bubba” Roupe, 17, and who was not the subject of the warrants, “opened the door with a hand gun pointed at” them.


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Possible comment by a family member

I found this here.

From a family member:
First let me introduce myself. My name is Renee Vance. Christopher Wayne Roupe is my nephew . This Bartow County Scanner Page keeps posting things so I'm gonna put some facts on here to clear up some things. Let's start with James Hobbs. You are not Christophers stepfather. You dated his mom for a while and that's that. So stop with this bullshit claiming to be a member of our family. You are not nor ever was and I'm really tired of seeing those lies. Second of all there were no drugs involved. The Euharlee police dept went to serve a violation of probation warrant for a misdemeanor. I have gone over and over this story with the two siblings of Christopher and there was not BB gun pulled on the officer. Christopher had gotten up to put in a movie and had the wii remote in his hand so that he could start the movie. There was a knock on the door and Christopher said who is it. No one answered him so he opened the door with the wii remote still in his hand. The female officer already had her gun drew and saw the remote , assumed it was a weapon and shot my nephew in the chest. She never said put down your weapon she just shot. The male officer told the female officer to put her gun away because it was only a remote control. She didn't. Christophers little sister started towards Christopher because he had already fell to the floor so this female officer pointed her gun at my niece who by the way is 13 Years old and told her to shut up and stay where she was. I have friends that are cops and I respect the law but this was a murder. My poor niece and nephew are still very shaken up over this and I'm not sure if they will ever recover. My sister is a basket case and I can't begin to fathom the pain she is in. As far as him living in a trailer park..... really you assholes are just profiling this child because of where he lived. I'm so relieved that being poor is now grounds to shoot a child.I'm sure Christopher would have chosen to live in a nice subdivision and had a perfectly normal life however that just wasn't the hand he was dealt. This young man had his life planned out so that his future children would have a better life and to all the judgmental assholes who just keep posting shit on here about my poor deceased nephew. STOP. Until you know what happened for sure you are just hurting my family and that's a bunch of shit. Christopher did not have a gun BB or other wise. There was an airsoft toy gun in the house but it was not in his hand. I'm gonna see that ther is justice for my nephew because he was murdered. It was not self defense unless this officer thinks a wii remote control can be considered a deadly weapon. The fact of the matter is this female officer made a bad call and killed a 17 year old boy and I hope she pays for what she done. She has cause irreparable damage to my family. I love you Christopher and may you rest in peace. You will forever be in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!

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keep us updated


So is this the new approach?

To knock on a door to serve a warrant with guns drawn?

Poor kid. I doubt anything resembling justice or accountability for the police department will come about

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The Drug War

Before the government declared the war on drug users, police encounters were not expected to be violent (except in the places where they could get away with it). The public image was that they were there to serve.

The drug war changed all that, mainly because, while almost 100% of people consider murder and robbery to be immoral and crimes, the percentage who consider drug use a crime or immoral is nowhere near 100%.

It is far more dangerous to be a police officer since the drug war was declared.

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Wait, so let me get this

Wait, so let me get this straight, the cops were so nervous about someone answering the door, that they mistook the person holding something that looks nothing like a gun, as a gun and just started shooting?
I am sorry, but why were they allowed into this line of work to begin with?

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The cops are conditioned to

The cops are conditioned to be paranoid these days as I understand it. Regardless of how they got that way, they are that way.

Hmmm...Isn't a Wii controller White?

What hand guns are White?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


Pls update original post with video.


Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!


that is tragic, scary just answering the door anymore.

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