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You have to watch this! ... Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses


Hidden camera investigation on how room service actually cleans your rooms drinking glasses. NASTY!

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There is no mystery here, except hyperbole.

News stations have mastered hyperbole, and it is amazing how our public education keeps churning out suckers for this type of reporting.

Putting aside the idea that nobody wants to drink from a dirty glass, this story is not that difficult to understand.

There is no scandal here.

It's most likely not the higher-ups that are at fault for this type of behavior.

At least two cleaners are cutting corners.
Perhaps there are many more. Yet, there is no scandal.

Just beware of anything you put in your mouth.
After all, you didn't wash the glass.

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Okay I gave this a + but

Okay I gave this a + but let's keep a few things in mind...
1) Randy is ex-employee who was terminated
2) that "blue" cleaner that was used is a environmental friendly germ killer and so what if it says "do not drink" you shouldn't drink dish washing soap either :/
3) that "public health expert" straight out lied because you can not get e-coli or salmonella poisoning this way and a quick look in a med dictionary will tell you this
4) This is mainstream media so why would they be honest here when they're not with much of anything else?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

That's insane..

In reports of this style this the narrator will give an example or 2 of a business that did not fail the sting, the amazing part being how rampant it appears to be. As someone who boycotts fast food 1/2 for the content of the meals and 1/2 because of the scum that work there, this reconfirms and broadens my fears of letting strangers do for me.


to clarify, before someone plays the scum card on me. I'm not calling all fast food employees scum. I works PJohns couple years when I was young so I can tell you from experience. Alot of them are scum and don't give a damn what goes into your mouth.

It's all the same as the cops

It's all the same as the cops who are dim they're only solution to situations seems to be to shoot someone, or the employees at Walmart who can barely function and look like they don't really know where they are. People have had common sense and care bred out of them. And with so many places hiring the lowest wage employees they can find, it should be no surprise than that the quality of work is so poor. You get what you pay for. Americans have low-priced themselves down the drain.

I never stay in a hotel...

Here's a few more reasons why:
Hotel Room Cleanliness: Avoid Using These Items

I never fly either - because of TSA.

I pretty much never leave the house...it's a beautiful thing.

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Always use the plastic cups!

That was just disgusting!

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

No kidding!

No kidding! ICK!