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This is what $16 billion looks like.

Right here. Click it.

I just saw that Facebook bought them for $16 billion.

GULP! Sixteen billion!

Sixteen billion is a lot of dough

Here's a little info, from Wikipedia.

Every time I use an application like this (Line is similar, and is what I used in Taiwan, and its primary innovation seems to be weird emoticons called "stickers.") I feel like I'm getting that much closer to becoming a robot.

It is very virtual. You feel like you're that much closer to becoming a robot when you use it, using hieroglyphs to communicate with other humans.

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Right. And in the movie...the

Right. And in the movie...the fat humans don't communicate face to face anymore and all the technology does everything for them. Great movie.

I would agree jrd,

I like the smell and feel of the dirt too much to get completely sucked in.
As we depart from the evolved natural world, I wonder what the laws of nature will allow.


I didn't mean it as a good

I didn't mean it as a good thing. All the humans are fat and stupid and technology does everything for them and earth is destroyed.

Yes unknown, I have

the same thoughts about it. Some people forget the very real law;

"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

Those who surrender their abilities to something other than themselves, will most likely surrender their life to it as well.


Those stickers

look rather creepy. I think they paid to much if that is what they got.

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