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Is Bitcoin Real?

Since Bitcoin is not a physical form of money does that mean it is not inherently real? Is Bitcoin real because of the structure, fundamentals, resources involved, and demand of it? If something is not physical that doesn't necessarily mean it is not real?

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Are "dollars" real?

Even those (i.e. most of them) which exist only as ledger entries and electronic records, rather than as physical FRNS?

UNLIKE FRNs, bitcoins are limited in quantity.

I'm not completely sold on Bitcoin, but it does appear to be a MUCH better money than the FRN.

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Bitcoin is idea

Bitcoin is a niche activity, but like internet in 1995, many people did not see the potential. Bitcoin, also, is a idea, a liberation, from the central planning paradigm.

Life is all about the choices that we make and next time you will be making a larger or even micro payment consider Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a proverbial hybrid of gold and anonymous electronic cash. You cannot falsify gold and you can lose cash if you are not careful.

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Is digital data, real data? I

Is digital data, real data? I would argue that digital data is real, just not physical. Porn is real. YouTube videos are real. The lewinski scandal which broke via drudge was real and had real tangible results. Yet all these things are delivered digitally.

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electricity gone = bitcoin

electricity gone = bitcoin gone

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True, but

Electricity is gone and yes, bitcoin, will be lost. But, Bitcoin would be lost if ALL the users would lose electricity.

But electricity will be lost only if there will be a total annihilation, such as nuclear war or 50 kilometer meteor striking the earth.

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it's "real" stock on something that doesn't exist

you can invest in it on the belief that others will continue to buy/trade it. or you can not, knowing that it is not backed by anything tangible. it's really just stock. but not in a company. rather a system. it's definitely not anonymous.

what is "real"?

that question must be answered first... reality is perception...

However, against popular belief, bitcoin is physical. how? well, ultimately, it is a series of 1's and 0's stored somewhere. And even further, they are intellectual property. why? because they are a series of 1's and 0's which are "protected", somehow, and would be called theft if i copied them from you without your consent.

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Digital Information

I see the digital information itself 1's and 0's not being a physical format.


But if you're a gambler you might be able to buy some and turn a profit before it collapses.

Is money in your bank account real?

Not only is Bitcoin real, it has the ability to live in different realms carrying the same inherent identifiable properties. The first realm is the non-tangible world that you refer to. The second realm is the tangible realm of physical paper wallets. If you can't grasp the idea Bitcoin living in the first realm, then just think/refer to/use paper wallets.

As real as poetry...

..and just as valuable. Degustibus non disputandum, ne-c'est pas?

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a novel of another america

DE gustibus non EST disputandum


Leges sine moribus vanae

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Bitcoin is a "real" idea.

Bitcoin is a "real" idea. It's a virtual currency that only holds value as long as there's confidence in the ability to trade it. If that confidence fails (as with Mt. Gox) the value will be reduced. If the confidence is strong, the value will hold or increase.

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