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Over 30 anti-illegal immigration groups and leaders have endorsed RP so far

I just found this website today. I have heard some people question whether RP would be serious about stopping illegal immigration and securing the borders. Well, this site should help ease some concerns.
One of the endorsements on the site is author Dan Sheehy who talks alot about the NAU plan, the CFR, and has written books about it. There was a thread about his endorsement on DailyPaul awhile back.
One of the other people who added their name to the list of endorsements jumped out at me. The courageous city council woman in Escondido California Marie Waldron. I remember reading her story some time ago, where she took a very brave stand on wanting to do something to stop illegal immigration around the same time as another courageous person, Mayor Lou Barletta(who won the nomination of both the republican party and the democrat party in his town overwhelmingly) was taking his own brave stand to try to stop illegal immigration in his town(his court case is on appeal and will end up at the Supreme Court).
In Marie Waldron's case, she was threatened by pro-illegal immigration supporters so badly, she had to have a security detail and wear a bullet proof vest everywhere she went because she dared to speak out about illegal immigration and not back down. Other politicians in her position, might have caved in to the pressure, and backed off in fear as many other politicians have. But Ms. Waldron stood firm like a rock even though her life was being threatened. I am very happy to hear this woman is now backing RP.
Here is a link to a speech she gave during the time she was being threatened with physical harm by pro-illegal immigration supporters

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