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Dr. Ron Paul on Cavuto Fox Business News (2/19/14)

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Cavuto was a little disappointed

that Ron Paul didn't support some U.S. blood spilling

wowww at the end he dissed

wowww at the end he dissed ron paul's name .... thought you were better than that cavuto

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Cavuto: "Does your son Rand

Cavuto: "Does your son Rand Paul concur?"

Paul: "I don't know, I haven't talked to him about it."

I call Bulls**t Dr. Paul. I have the greatest respect for you but that's about the Twentieth time I've watched you blow off questions about your son with the same response.

Do you want Ron to be Rand's spokesman?

They all try to bait Ron but he stands firm every time. Rand is his own man and can speak for himself.

Did I say that? No!

He could at least answer the question in a broad sense or simply say that he does not want to speak for his son. To smile and lie into the camera was an action I thought Dr. Paul was above. We sure wouldn't want him to get baited in to telling the truth, now would we.

I wish in response to the mccain question, he responded with

"Why is McCain going around bluffing on behalf of the American people? I haven't said anything about going around policing the world..."


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Ron Paul: "I like smaller units of government."

That is what I like to hear!

Dr Ron Paul......

The Voice of Reason....!!

No More Nation Building, No More Policing The World!!

"We need to stay home and mind our business" ~ Ron Paul