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Test Drive the One-Wheeled Skateboard of the Future (video)

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Ain't nothin'


If that is real, it blows my mind.

It's fake. Back to the Future

It's fake.
Back to the Future Reunion.

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I saw Michael J. Fox ride one! But I have wondered why it took so long to get out of Hollywood :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Watched again

I don't think so


Unfortunately it's not real

skateboard $100, one wheel

skateboard $100, one wheel $1499....is that for real??

I'm a skateboarder :)

That skateboard looks fun.

Me, way back in 1998. Went to the park to smoke weed with friends, then to the skatepark to skate. :)


My best skateboarding seemingly wasn't ever filmed/no cameras, but I was really awesome at skateboarding aged 16-18. A lot better than that backside grab shows.

I also used to film a lot, here are a few select clips of my friends I filmed in 2000, this is from a project I started working on recently, good ol' days type stuff.

720 this


Future Of Skateboarding. This is Nyjah Huston, not my favorite skateboarder, but he's literally insanely incredible regardless. Just amazing!


My favorite skateboarder of all-time, Jamie Thomas. My favorite Jamie Thomas part, from 1999.




Don't feed the pandas. Ever.