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Is Madoff Really Locked Up?

The thought occurred to me while reading this JP Morgan article, with all the corruption and deception going on in this world, how hard would it be for the banks, judges and private prison owners to run Bernie Madoffs proverbial public tit through the ringer to take Americans eyes further off the ball, only to set Madoff up in a castle with all his luted dough and a new identity?

Who can verify that Madoff is really in lock down somewhere besides an island paradise?

Just curious!


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Of course.

Of course. As soon as one of them gets caught with overwhelming evidence of guilt, away they go. The name of the game is not getting caught and doing things in such a legally convoluted way that it may be legal or at least too confusing to a jury.

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Watch Wolf on Wall street.

Watch Wolf on Wall street.

Nesara? Really?

The same group who promised us all those [didn't happen] worldwide banker arrests in 2012?

him being locked up

is further from reality than him being on the Banker's Island. I have thought this many times myself.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Millionaires go to jail,

Millionaires go to jail, billionaires buy the corporation.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


Show me the pitiful Ponzicrat in his 6 x 8!

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